Publications and Media Mentions

Below is a list of leadership publications from Coldiron Fellows.


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  • Boris, M., Hoover, C., Rusterholtz, A., Sparks, M., Singh, M., Dolansky, M. (2019).  Using the QSEN competencies to enhance leadership in a nurse practitioner residency program. Nurse Leader17(5), 451-456.
  • Sfiligoj, R., Honsky, J., Wong, S, Mitchell, R., Dolansky, M. A. Population Health in  Quality and Safety for Nurses: Core competencies for nursing leadership and management, Third edition Springer Pub.
Luminaries Book Cover


Luminaries of the Past is a book that profiles 50 innovative nurses who had significant impact on health science and nursing practice. The authors, Mary Beth Modic and Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, aim to introduce middle-school aged children to the work of these extraordinary nurses, and the book has received praise from multiple professional organizations and advocates of nursing science, research and education.

For individual copies of Luminaries, please purchase on Amazon. For bulk orders of 5 or more books, please contact

Nurse Leadership and Management Book Cover

Nurse Leadership and Management: Foundations for Effective Administration

This book is a unique leadership and management text for graduate nursing students with a focus on relationships, communications, and emotional intelligence. The contributor team of top-level nurse leaders provides practical content through case studies and emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence in nursing leadership and management. Joyce J. Fitzpatrick, PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN, Director of the Marian K. Shaughnessy Nurse Leadership Academy is a co-author.

For individual copies of Nurse Leadership and Management, please purchase through Springer Publishing.

Nurses Making Policy Book Cover

Nurses Making Policy: From Bedside to Boardroom

The updated third edition of the book is focused on challenging nurses to fulfill their critical role and responsibility to society in advancing health policy by providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge. The book covers important topics such as COVID-19, diversity, social determinants of health, and social justice, and provides real-world examples and exercises to help nurses become effective policy influencers. The book includes a new chapter on "Transforming Policy Through Innovation" and includes updates to reflect the current healthcare environment. Rebecca M. Patton, DNP, RN, CNOR, FAAN, Faculty in the Marian K. Shaughnessy Nurse Leadership Academy is a co-author.

For individual copies of Nurses Making Policy, please purchase on the Spring Publishing website.