Initiatives and Programs

Join the Next Generation of Nurse Leaders

As nurses, we know these are unprecedented times, but the work of nursing continues. Thus, meeting the demands for continuing education and professional development for nurse leaders is imperative. Nurse leaders play an essential role in leading the delivery of care and advancing the health of our nation.

In response to this need, the Marian K. Shaughnessy Nurse Leadership Academy at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing has created three innovative educational opportunities for nurse leaders:

Previous Program Highlights

Watch: "Narrative Nursing" with Joyce Fitzpatrick

Read: The inaugural DNP Lecture Series took place in 2018 and was featured in the Fall/Winter issue of Forefront magazine. Read more here.

Watch: "From Healing in Hospitals to Healthy at Home: New Narrative" with Peter Pronovost (8.22.2019)

Watch: "Acquiring a Manufacturing Venture" with Mike Shaughnessy (Part of the CWRU Entrepreneurship Speaker Series 2.23.2022)

Watch: "Being a Nurse Innovator" with Jill Byrne (Part of the CWRU Entrepreneurship Speaker Series 4.13.2022)

Watch: "Leading Change" with Judith Shamian (Part of the Executive in Residence program with the Veale Institute for Entrepreneurship series October 2022)