Data Management

Internal Consultation on the following across all phases of the research life cycle:


  • Database Design -- Consult with investigators on the conceptualization of databases with consideration to sources of data, analysis plan, and regulatory policies on data management and sharing.
  • Data Management -- Assist investigators in the implementation of current best practices related to data management, file sharing, version control, data integrity, harmonization of data files and elements, and creation of data management plans.
  • Data Security -- Provide investigators with protective digital privacy measures that minimize unauthorized user access to their data. Assess for the need of data technology measures such as encryption, passwords, passcodes, biometric data or other strategies to verify the identity of a potential user where access to data would be granted.
  • Data Sharing and Archival -- Facilitate procedures for data sharing, including the creation of data sharing plans that are in adherence with best practices. Prepare data for transfer or sharing with scientists outside of our scholarly community via public research repositories in accordance with data use, transfer, or sharing agreements.


Johnny Sams
Research Data Manager

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Research Data Management

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