Statistical Services

Meet Our Research Statisticians

As an essential member in many research projects, the statistician reviews a study's data and makes sense of complex trends from what sometimes amounts to huge volumes of information collected. At the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, our faculty and postdoctoral researchers have access to several excellent statisticians who can assist in their research. If you would like assistance, please complete our CFRS Service Request Form.

Seunghee Margevicius

Seunghee Margevicius, PhD (GRS '18), DNP (NUR '06), MA, is a senior research associate and biostatistician in the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, and has been in the department for more than 12 years. Prior to her appointment in the Cancer Center, Margevicius was a Hematology/Oncology RN at Cleveland Clinic, a research associate in CWRU's Department of Sociology and research assistant at FPB.


Zhengyi Chen

Zhengyi Chen, PhD, MS, is a senior biostatistical research associate in CWRU's Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences and serves in the same role at the Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Research Design Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative at CWRU's School of Medicine. Having been with the university for more than 12 years, Chen has served in multiple roles across many departments at the school of medicine.


Contact a Statistician

FPB faculty and postdoctoral researchers who are planning a research study and would like to have one of our statisticians join their project are encouraged to complete our CFRS Service Request Form so that we may determine your specific needs and connect you with an appropriate and available statistician.