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CFRS provides editing services & resources for researchers working on manuscripts and grants at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing.

If you would like CFRS editing services for manuscripts or grants, please complete our CFRS Service Request Form.

CFRS Editing Services
Grant Editing

For FPB faculty and postdoctoral researchers, grant editing is available. Typically, core grant proposal sections (abstract, specific aims, research strategy) are edited, though other sections may be included depending on the components of the particular grant submission.

Journal Manuscript Editing

For FPB faculty and postdoctoral researchers, editing of manuscripts (e.g., research articles, literature reviews, editorials, case studies) for submission to academic journals is also available.  

Submitting Grants and Manuscripts for Editing: The Process

1. Choose the desired level of editing


  • Correction/revision of grammar, spelling, punctuation 
  • Format consistency 
  • Adherence to funding agency or academic journal’s editorial guidelines, if available.

Typical copyediting takes 2 full business days from receipt of the copy but may vary depending on the length of document and revisions needed.

Substantive editing

  • Examines the structure, content, language, style, and presentation
  • May rearrange structure and organization, maintaining a single “voice” when several authors contributed sections that are not consistent in tone and language 
  • Removing redundant sections
  • Smoothing transitions between paragraphs and other parts of the paper 
  • May involve moving or rewriting some sentences or providing comments on where copy needs to be cut or inserted.

A typical substantive edit will take 4-5 days, and as such, the grant or manuscript copy must be available well in advance of its deadline.

The authors will need to participate more fully in this process, rather than simply accepting or rejecting edits and comments in a copyedit, as they will be the best judge of what their intent is, which information must be retained in the paper, and which copy needs to be cut. 

Substantive editing is a subjective process about structure and content, in contrast to copyediting, which is primarily an objective process that follows established rules and guidelines about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. A substantive editing may significantly change a manuscript, and a second edit (copyedit or proofreading) may be necessary after the substantive edit has been reviewed and processed by the author.

2. All faculty and postdocs are welcome to contact Matt McManus, mmm191@case.edu, to schedule an edit.

  • For grants, provide the funding opportunity and submission deadline, and reviewer comments if available.
  • For journal manuscripts, please provide a working title, name of the journal and a link to the journal guidelines.

Faculty and postdoctoral authors are strongly encouraged to have FPB faculty members “peer review” their grant proposals or journal manuscripts, if possible, before sending them to the editor for editing.  Grant edits have priority on the editing schedule, but journal manuscript edits are always welcome and encouraged.

Online Resources
In-Person Help

The CWRU Writing Resource Center (WRC) provides individual support for academic writers across the university. Their writing consultants provide hands-on instruction specific to each writer's goals. The WRC offers in-house programming such as workshops and student and faculty writing groups.

The WRC is located in Bellflower Hall. There are also satellite locations in Nord Hall, Room 202; the first floor of Kelvin Smith Library; and in the SAGES Café on the first floor of Crawford Hall. The WRC also offers online consulting.

Writing Resource Center

Phone: 216.368.2000

Email: writingcenter@case.edu

Website: https://writingcenter.case.edu/

Outside Resources

The following are just a few of the many editing services that can be found online; they charge a fee for their services.

CFRS Service Request Form

If you would like assistance, please complete our CFRS Service Request Form.