Flight Nursing & Critical Care Transport Simulation

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Celeste M. Alfes DNP, MSN, RN
Director of Simulation
Associate Professor

Picture of two students working on a dummy patient during a flight simulation exercise.

Respond to a Changing Critical Care Transport Environment

  • Personalized training to meet your transport team’s needs and recertification requirements
  • Specializing in night flights, failed engine, high risk OB, Neonatal, and Trauma scenarios
  • Utilize your program’s simulation scenarios or ours
  • Customize your flight scenarios by supplying flight coordinates of your Helipad
  • Video recording and debriefing capabilities
  • 12 person conference room for lectures, power point, distance learning, and crew resource management
  • Task training sessions available upon request
  • Flight Faculty Support
  • Billing by the hour, day, or week

Flight Nursing Helicopter Simulator at FPB

  • Nation’s first high fidelity fully articulating helicopter flight simulator with 11 degrees of pitch and roll
  • Fully equipped Sikorsky S76 with C++ medically configured, FAA approved interior
  • Customize flights by time of day, weather, turbulence, and flight coordinates
  • Weekend Certificate Programs
  • Annual Interprofessional Summer Camp

Current Customer: Air Methods

Critical Care Transport Training

The Dorothy Ebersbach Academic Center for Flight Nursing acquired an ambulance for interprofessional training.