Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Flight Nursing Specialty

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Specialty in Flight and Critical Care Transport

Advanced practice nurses with a Flight Specialty use air and ground medical transport services to provide high quality acute and critical care to patients. While most commonly practice occurs as inter-facility transfers, advanced practice critical care transport nurses also deliver care in unstructured settings that include the roadside, natural and technological disaster sites, and remote environments.

Educational and Career Opportunities

Students in this specialty use our unique helicopter and ambulance simulators in both classroom and scenario-based labs to learn how to deliver safe, effective care during transport. Students complete a portion of the clinical practicum with an air medical transport team. Flight specialty students also have opportunities to participate in teaching and research to promote evidence-based practice for the advanced practice nurse in air medical services. Our goal is to develop graduate nursing students for the advanced practice nurse’s role in critical care transport.

Advance to Your Ideal Career in Just Four Semesters

As part of FPB’s MSN program, Flight Specialty courses and individualized clinical experiences build on our Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (A-G ACNP) program. The Flight Specialty program is a post-master’s certificate requiring 5-9 credits for completion.

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  • Experiential learning is crafted to meet individual needs and build on educational background and experience
  • The Flight Specialty can be built as part of our DNP Program with A-G ACNP or ACNP certification
  • A minimum one year of critical care nursing experience is required prior to enrolling in clinical courses for the A-G ACNP program.
  • We recommend students accumulate 3-5 years of emergency and critical care experience by completion of the Flight Specialty program to meet critical care transport industry standards for employment

The following courses must be taken in addition to the basic Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program to complete the flight nurse concentration.

Course ID

Course Title


NURS 406 Introduction to Critical Care Transport in Advanced Nursing 1
NURS 404 Emergent Care of Children 2
NURS 407 Critical Care Transport and Advanced Nursing Practice 2 1
NURS 523 Advanced Internship in Flight Nursing 1-5