Critical Care Transport Simulation

Picture of two students working on a dummy patient during a flight simulation exercise.

Responding to an Ever-Changing Critical Care Transport Environment

To meet the ever-changing needs of the critical care transport environment we have implemented an evolving education delivery system designed to meet the needs of anyone interested in critical care transportation. Our advanced education model will focus on increased laboratory and simulation exposure to maximize the "hands-on" experience. Our high-fidelity simulation center can:

  • Offer personalized training for your transport team
  • Design simulations focused on the MICU or Rotor-wing environment (fixed-wing experiences coming soon)
  • Develop a targeted plan to meet your program's specific needs
  • Customize flight scenarios with coordinates using your Helipad
  • Offer video recording and debriefing
  • Include use of conference room space for group lectures
  • Incorporate a fully equipped Sikorsky S76 motion-based simulator
  • Offer customized flights by time of day or weather
  • Offer specialized certificate programs and Continuing Education opportunities.