The Testing Process

The Lead Screening Project has three components

  1. Information sessions with parents to gain their cooperation, understanding and consent to test.
  2. Screening of all Pre-K and Kindergarten children who have not been previously tested.
  3. Follow-up with families of children who test positive for elevated lead levels.

Testing is conducted by teams of students from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing and community health representatives. In addition, other partnerships have been formed with groups involved with the Greater University Circle Children's Health Initiative (GUCCHI) to focus on healthy housing and a range of other issues affecting these families and children.

A Closer Look at the Testing and Treatment Process

Testing Phase

  • All eligible children with parental consent will be screened first using a finger stick procedure. Children whose results show excessive lead levels will undergo a second test using a venous blood draw. Those children whose second sample verifies excessive blood lead levels will be referred for follow-up and treatment.

Follow-up and Treatment Process

  • Children with blood lead levels between 5 and 9.9 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood (mcg/dl) will receive follow-up from a Navigation Team consisting of a graduate nursing student and a community member. The Navigation Team will provide education, support, and assistance in getting necessary medical care for the child and will help connect the child and family to other necessary resources such as Legal Aid and housing remediation resources.
    • Children with blood lead levels of 10 mcg/dl and above will be referred to the Cleveland Department of Public Health Lead Team. They will also be followed by a Navigation Team as necessary.

Home Remediation Process

  • The Partners in Health Lead Screening Project has partnered with a number of community organizations focused on providing healthy housing. These groups will work with families to identify necessary steps to reduce or eliminate lead in the home.