Course Credit for Advanced Standing

BSN to MSN Coursework

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students with fourth-year status can register for certain master’s (400)-level courses.

Courses available include: NURS 405, NURS 431, NURS 443B, NURS 444A and NURS 444C. Each BSN student needs to obtain the approval of the BSN program director to enroll in the identified MSN courses.

Some courses require prerequisite coursework. Please work with your adviser to learn more.

NURS 444A Ethical Issues

BSN students must have successfully completed NURS 343 Ethics in Nursing and Healthcare. NURS 343 is required in the BSN curriculum and NURS 444A cannot replace NURS 343.

NURS 405 Inquiry 1 

BSN Students must have successfully completed STATS 201 (or its equivalent) and NURS 320: Departmental Seminar – Theory and Evidence Basis for Practice (junior-level nursing courses) prior to enrolling for NURS 405.

MSN to Doctorate-level Coursework

Students entering into one of our master’s programs with a Bachelor of Nursing Science (BSN) can be admitted to the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or the PhD program to take doctoral-level courses and have them apply toward the Master of Nursing Science program.

Students still will receive the MSN degree and will have completed 12 credits toward the DNP, or eight credits toward the PhD.

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PhD Topical Seminar Courses

As part of PhD in nursing coursework, it is recommended that PhD nursing students take two topical seminar courses (NURS 615) that are related to their area of research. However, it is required that all PhD nursing students take one topical seminar during their program of study.

The topics for NURS 615 change each semester, and students may elect to take a topical seminar at any time during their program of study. Graduate students from other disciplines often participate in these courses, making them an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration.

NURS 615 Course Description

Topical Seminar in Health Science Research. 3 Units.

This PhD course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of research issues in a given content area. Opportunities are provided to apply knowledge for further development of the student’s research interests and ideas. An in-depth examination of selected theoretical and methodological approaches to the development of research related to health science will be emphasized. Interrelationships among theory, research, and knowledge from nursing and related disciplines will be explored.

NURS 615 Offerings (Tentative)

  • 2015 Fall: Genetics
  • 2016 Spring: Use of Technology in Research

DNP to PhD

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) graduates who have graduated within the last five years will be eligible for admission to the PhD in nursing program with "advanced standing." This "advanced standing" will allow for a waiver of up to nine credits of PhD coursework.

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