Doctor of Nursing Practice (NUND) Courses

NUND 401. Introduction to the Discipline and Practice of Nursing. 7.5 Units.

This course is an introduction to the discipline and practice of nursing. Factors influencing health and illness will be explored. Selected nursing strategies and interventions designed to support the maximum health potential of the adult client will be incorporated into lab sessions and practiced in a variety of settings. Small group seminars will be used to examine historical, societal, and legal influences on nursing and the role of functions of the professional nurse. Coreq: NUND 402 and NUND 410. 

NUND 402. Introduction to Pharmacology. 3 Units.

This course introduces basic principles of pharmacology and pharmacotherapeutics. A survey of characteristics and uses of major drug groups with an emphasis on nursing implications is presented. Coreq: NUND 401 and NUND 410. 

NUND 403A. Introduction to Nursing Informatics. 1 Unit.

This course will introduce students to the concept of health informatics and the role nurses play in the management of information in supporting all areas of nursing including clinical practice, education, research, and administration. Using case studies, lecture and class discussion. Students will develop an awareness of the importance of nursing involvement in the design, implementation, and use of information systems and other technologies. Coreq: NUND 401. 

NUND 403B. Nursing and Health Informatics. 1 Unit.

This is the second of a two part course sequence in Nursing Informatics. The focus of this course is the transdisciplinary nature of informatics in health care and the use of advanced information technologies(IT) to support decision-making, promote safety, and ensure quality in patient care. Current issues in health care policy and legislation relating to health information technology will be discussed. Prereq: NUND 403A. 

NUND 404A. Inquiry A for the Graduate Entry DNP. 2 Units.

This course provides an introduction to conceptual and theoretical thinking. Students will examine knowledge development in nursing, conceptual structures, and the use of theory in nursing practice and research. Coreq: NUND 401. 

NUND 404B. Inquiry B for the Graduate Entry DNP. 2 Units.

This course is a continuation of NUND 404A GE Inquiry A. It completes the introduction to conceptual and theoretical thinking and begins examination of the research process in nursing. The student will examine scientific inquiry and scientific investigation, including the research process. Prereq: NUND 404A 

NUND 404C. Inquiry C for the Graduate Entry DNP. 2 Units.

This course is a continuation of NUND 404B GE DNP Inquiry B. It expands the examination of scientific investigation in nursing and includes data management, analysis, and interpretation; critique of existing research; and implications for nursing practice. Coreq: NUND 404B. 

NUND 408. Introduction to Concepts of Genetics in Nursing. 1 Unit.

Introduction to the theories and concepts relevant to human genetics and genomics and their applications in health care. Coreq: NUND 407. 

NUND 409A. Professional Role Development: Leadership. 1 Unit.

This seminar is the second in a series designed to address professional role development. The seminar focuses specifically on leadership development in nursing Prereq: NUND 407. 

NUND 410. Health Assessment. 2.5 Units.

Comprehensive introduction to the assessment skills required for a successful nursing practice. Basic skills, such as vital signs, are taught along with a system by system approach to physical examination. Taking a health and psychosocial history is integrated into the course. The course is taught concurrently with anatomy and physiology, concepts of nursing practice, and strategies and interventions for alterations in functioning. Coreq: NUND 401 and NUND 402. 

NUND 411A. Public Health Nursing A. 2.5 Units.

This is the first of a two course sequence in public health nursing - health promotion-disease prevention for groups, populations, and communities. This course will focus on enhancing the health and health-seeking behaviors of groups and populations. Adult teaching-learning theories and processes will be explored. Coreq: NUND 407. 

NUND 411B. Public Health Nursing B. 2 Units.

This is the second of a two course sequence in public nursing - health promotion-disease prevention for groups, populations, and communities. This course will focus on enhancing the health and health-seeking behaviors of a selected community Coreq: NUND 411A. 

NUND 450. Applied Statistics. 3 Units.

This course provides an advanced overview of the assumptions and applications necessary to analyze and interpret questions and research related to clinical practice. Emphasis will be on statistical interpretation of research. During the course, data management, statistical analysis, and data interpretation, as well as univariate, bivariate, and multivariate statistics such as ANOVA and ANCOVA will be examined. The data analysis process will be examined and deconstructed throughout the course. Prereq: STAT 201 or equivalent within past 5 years. 

NUND 480. Action Research and Program Evaluation. 1 Unit.

This course introduces the student to the concept of purposeful evaluation. The applicability of action research and evaluation to the change process and to continuous improvement within various venues will be explored. The iterative, participative, and emergent nature of generation of new knowledge and practice innovations will be discussed. Offered asNUND 480 and NURS 620. Prereq or Coreq: NUND 479. 

NUND 500. D.N.P. Thesis. 1 - 6 Unit.

Systematic investigation of a clinically based research problem selected by the student for independent study. This includes proposal refinement and acceptance, data analysis and thesis completion under thesis committee supervision. Prereq: NURS 521. 

NUND 504. Theories for Nursing Practice and Scholarship. 3 Units.

This initial course in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program examines the nature of theory, theory development in nursing, and significant conceptualizations of nursing. Application of mid-range theory to practice, practice change, and scholarship is explored. Recommended preparation: Post Masters graduate standing or permission of faculty. 

NUND 505. D.N.P. Project. 1 - 6 Unit.

Systematic completion of a project based on existing educational or clinical research. The project could include: (1) program needs assessment, (2) development and testing of an assessment instrument/protocol for clients, (3) implementation and evaluation of a new program; or evaluation of a major existing program. The evaluation may include financial, clinical, or educational components as appropriate to the project. The project will be developed under the supervision of the student's N.D. project committee. Prereq: NURS 521. 

NUND 506. Leadership in Organizations and Systems. 3 Units.

This course introduces the student to organizational design and leadership. The focus is developing skills to effectively lead individuals and teams toward maximizing organizational effectiveness. Elements of this course will include: organization culture, systems, communication, innovation and change. Prereq: NUND 504. 

NUND 507. Management in Advanced Nursing Practice. 3 Units.

This course is focused on management entrepreneurial concepts and issues related to advanced nursing practice. Seminars will focus on integrating legal, fiscal, quality improvement, and other intervening variables that affect environments of care. Prereq: NUND 506. 

NUND 508. Health Care Policy and Planning. 3 Units.

The primary focus of this course is to explore the leadership role of nurses in health policy development and implementation as well as the role of research in health care policy formation and planning. Special emphasis is placed on selected national and international health policy issues that form the socio-political and economic context of nursing care and practice. Ethical dimensions of public policy formulations and implementation are highlighted. Offered as NUND 508 and NURS 609. 

NUND 509. Curriculum and Instruction. 3 Units.

The purpose of this course is to explore the theoretical underpinnings of education and to examine innovative approaches to critical thinking. Students are provided the opportunity to analyze philosophies and principles of education along with teaching and learning styles. The focus of this course is on curriculum planning and development congruent with the philosophy and objectives of a nursing program. Curriculum development includes determination of program and course objectives, along with selection and organization of appropriate learning experiences to meet these objectives. Effective techniques for instruction in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings are explored. 

NUND 510. Application of Health Information Technology and Systems. 1 Unit.

In this course, an overview of health information technology (HIT) is provided with focus on use of HIT in health care settings and among consumers. Course content includes use and evaluation of HIT by health care providers and patients. 

NUND 530. Research Principles and Methods. 3 Units.

This course provides an overview of the components of the research process. Application of these principles to traditional as well as non-traditional research problems will be explored. Prereq: NUND 504. 

NUND 531. Approaches to Practice Focused Research. 3 Units.

This course considers a variety of methods used for practice improvement and research. The applicability of these methods, such as action research, program evaluation and quality improvement, to the change process and to continuous improvement within various venues will be explored. The iterative, participative, and emergent nature of knowledge and practice innovations will be discussed. Prereq: NUND 530. 

NUND 540. Practice Focused Inquiry I. 3 Units.

This course introduces the student to a variety of approaches that can be used for practice-focused inquiry. Applications of beginning elements of the scholarly process to practice-focused inquiry are reviewed. Elements include development of a problem statement and literature review. Prereq: NUND 504. Prereq or Coreq: NUND 450. 

NUND 541. Practice-Focused Inquiry II. 3 Units.

This course builds on Practice-Focused Inquiry I. The content expands student understanding of practice-focused methodology, including aims, a conceptual or theoretical framework, setting, sample, sources of data, measures and instruments. The student applies appropriate methodology to the development of a plan for their scholarly practice-focused project. Ethical issues and mechanisms for dissemination of the project results are included. Prereq: NUND 540. 

NUND 607. Advanced Leadership and Management in Healthcare. 2 Units.

Leadership strategies and competencies for adapting to strategic advances in knowledge, technology, and organizational processes are explored. Emphasis is placed on developing strategic capacity within the dynamics of the competitive healthcare environment. Prereq: NUND 507. 

NUND 609. Theoretical Foundations of Educational Testing and Evaluation. 2 Units.

In this course an overview of theories on educational measurement and evaluation is provided. Methods of evaluating teaching effectiveness, student learning, and student performance are explored with particular emphasis being placed on test construction and analysis. Prereq or Coreq: NUND 509. 

NUND 610. Translating Evidence into Nursing Practice. 3 Units.

This course focuses on methods for developing best practice protocols, and translating them into practice. Prereq: NUND 504. 

NUND 611. Practicum. 1 - 2 Unit.

Under the guidance of the faculty advisor and designated mentor(s), the student will develop, implement and evaluate a specific clinical practice experience that strengthens and expands current expertise. This practicum will synthesize previous coursework. Prereq or Coreq: NUND 504. 

NUND 615. Teaching Practicum. 1 - 6 Unit.

In this preceptored teaching practicum, the student may engage in classroom, laboratory, and clinical teaching assignments in nursing. The student will be expected to use current educational theory and nursing knowledge in completing the practicum experience (minimum 60 hours). Offered as NUND 615 and NURS 621. Prereq: NUND 509 and NUND 609. 

NUND 619. Proposal Development. 1 - 2 Unit.

Under guidance of the student's chair, the student will develop a proposal addressing a practice-based research problem for acceptance by the proposal committee and IRB. Prereq: NUND 610. 

NUND 620. Scholarly Project. 1 - 3 Unit.

Under the guidance of their advisor and committee, the student will complete a systematic investigation of a previously identified problem. The experience will culminate with a written report of the findings. Prereq: NUND 619.