Welcome BSN Students

During your CWRU Orientation you will attend two special NURS major sessions that will assist you to meet requirements for entering student clinical practice. During these sessions, you will complete, and be certified in, the American Heart Association's course, Basic Life Support CPR for the Healthcare Provider. You will also participate in a routine background check by fingerprint method.

Note: Over the summer weeks before orientation, it is essential that you finalize the verification of all of the required immunizations and tests required to protect your health and that of your future patients for whom you will provide care.

See the "Medical Information and Immunization Requirements" section of your New Student Checklist. Without clearance and a release from University Health Services indicating that all of your medical requirements are updated, you will be unable to start the major in the fall.

Please refer to the New Student Checklist (which has a special NURS section) and use throughout the summer as a vital tool to ensure you will be ready to start your clinicals this fall.

Only authorized users have access to the New Student Checklist. If you have any problems, please contact Patricia Flynn at pxf87@case.edu.

Important Note About Changing Technology Requirements for 2019-2020 School Year

As you know, we are entering an exciting time for the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. In May, the school moved to our new state-of-the-art Health Education Campus (Samson Pavilion) just a few blocks down Euclid Avenue.

While our new home has extensive technology and support for that technology, it will not house a traditional computer lab such as the bioinformatics lab currently used for test-taking and other class activities.

As a result, in the fall, you will be required to bring a laptop to nursing courses with electronic testing. Most current laptops will be able to run the new software, ExamSoft, for exams. However, the software will not be able for i-Pads and other tablets. Please review this Computer Requirements and FAQ document.

If you have concerns about meeting this new requirement, please contact BSN Program Director Professor Amy Bieda or Assistant BSN Program Director Beverly Capper.