Academic Advising

All students must contact their advisers to review academic progress and have their advising hold released. Students can register online through through the Student Information System (SIS).

If you are unsure who your adviser is, please contact the appropriate program director.

Program Director Phone Room
PhD Program Dr. Jaclene Zauszniewski 216.368.3612 318C (3rd Floor)
DNP Program Dr. Latina M. Brooks
Dr. Patricia Higgins


1500 (1st Floor)
3290 (3rd Floor)

Graduate Entry Program Dr. Latina M. Brooks
Dr. Molly Jackson


1500 (1st Floor)
1510 (1st Floor)

MSN Program Dr. Latina M. Brooks 216.368.1196 1500 (1st Floor)
BSN Program Dr. Amy Bieda 216.368.4591 1540 (1st Floor)