GSNA Professional Growth Grant

The Graduate Student Nurses Association (GSNA) Invites YOU to apply for the Professional Growth Grant.

What is the Professional Growth Grant?

The purpose of the GSNA grant is to encourage leadership and professionalism among MN, MSN, and DNP students. The grant is meant to be used for activities that foster professional growth as an APN (continuing education, attending a conference, service work, etc.). 

The GSNA Grant is awarded based on a blinded review. Funds are distributed as reimbursement upon submission of receipts. Funds cannot be awarded for academic tuition or expenses related to academic courses (e.g., cannot be used for required lab fees or textbooks). Reimbursement must be requested within 1 CALENDAR YEAR after the awardee is notified.  Applications are reviewed on an individual basis. Although applicants can apply for up to $1000 reimbursement, the dollar amount of the award is dependent on the quality of the essay submitted (blind review), the amount of funds available (varies each cycle; dependent on GSNA revenue), and the number of applicants in each cycle. Grants are not awarded to every applicant.

Note: This award is not applicable to academic tuition, books, or devices.

How to Apply?

1) Fill out this Google Form at this link
2) You will be notified by email if you have been selected as a recipient of the professional growth grant or if your application has been denied.
3) To receive your funds, submit your itemized receipts and a PowerPoint slide (single slide) explaining your event, what you learned, and how you grew professionally as a result of attending this event. You will not receive funds until after you have attended the event and have turned in your receipts and powerpoint. If you have been selected as a recipient, your email will state who to send your receipts and PowerPoint slide.
4) If you have any questions please contact the GSNA President, Lindsay Morris at

Previous Growth Grant Recipients

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