Department Liaisons

The finance area of Student Affairs Operations provides support to the departments within the Division of Student Affairs and the Provost. The Director of Finance and the Business Managers work in a variety of roles and functions in the financial arena. Common services include budget, forecasting, procurement, travel and sponsored projects.

Liaisons from the finance area provide individual assistance for the following departments:

Department Liaison
Academic Engagement Services Todd Rasmussen
Academic Support Resources Sam Kress
Administration Todd Rasmussen
Campus Postal Substation Ashley Johnson
Career Center Sam Kress
Carlton Road SYE program Sam Kress
Cedar RC Sam Kress
Council for Undergrad Experience Todd Rasmussen
COVID-19 Onsite Testing Todd Rasmussen
Creation & Curation Services Todd Rasmussen
Dean - Graduate Studies Ashley Johnson
Dean of Students Sam Kress
Disability Support Services Ashley Johnson
Education Abroad Sam Kress
Educational Testing Services Ashley Johnson
ELS Dorm / Food Account Todd Rasmussen
Enrollment Management Todd Rasmussen
Enrollment Mgmt Marketing Todd Rasmussen
Enrollment Operations Todd Rasmussen
Faculty Development Office Ashley Johnson
Faculty Senate Ashley Johnson
First Year Experience Todd Rasmussen
Functional Restoration Center Sam Kress
Graduate Student Life Ashley Johnson
Greek Life Sam Kress
Health Service - Special Todd Rasmussen
HEC Interprofessional Ed Todd Rasmussen
Inamori Center Todd Rasmussen
International Affairs Ashley Johnson
Int'l Student Resources and Engagement Sam Kress
Juniper RC Sam Kress
LGBT Center Ashley Johnson
Lib Mat-Gen/Interdisciplinary Todd Rasmussen
Library Administration Todd Rasmussen
Library Dev and Marketing Todd Rasmussen
Library Ext Review Todd Rasmussen
Library Mat - Social Sciences Todd Rasmussen
Library Mat-Arts & Humanities Todd Rasmussen
Library Materials - Sciences Todd Rasmussen
Mistletoe RC Sam Kress
Multicultural Affairs Ashley Johnson
Murray Hill SYE program Sam Kress
NRV Apartments Res Life Sam Kress
NRV SYE Sam Kress
Off of Plan & Inst Research Todd Rasmussen
Office of SELP Ashley Johnson
Office of Strategic Partnerships Todd Rasmussen
Office of Student Conduct Sam Kress
Office of the Provost Todd Rasmussen
Phys Ed & Athletics Todd Rasmussen
Plaque Maintenance Todd Rasmussen
Post-Doc Association Ashley Johnson
Pre-Collegiate Summer Programs Todd Rasmussen
Professional Development Ctr Ashley Johnson
Provost Finance and Admin Todd Rasmussen
Public Engagement - Library Todd Rasmussen
Recovery House Todd Rasmussen
Research Administration Todd Rasmussen
Residence Life Admin Sam Kress
SA IT Operations Todd Rasmussen
SAGES Todd Rasmussen
Sears Think[box] Todd Rasmussen
Service Center Administration Todd Rasmussen
Siegal Jewish Studies Ashley Johnson
Siegal LLL General Ashley Johnson
Social Justice Institute Sam Kress
Student Activities - Student Orgs Todd Rasmussen
Student Activities and Leadership Ashley Johnson
Student Affairs Todd Rasmussen
Student Community Services Sam Kress
Technology Transfer Office Todd Rasmussen
Thesis Binding & Microfilm Todd Rasmussen
Thwing Center- Admin Ashley Johnson
Triangle RC Sam Kress
UCITE Ashley Johnson
UCITE F Ashley Johnson
UCITE G Ashley Johnson
UCITE N Ashley Johnson
UG Advising Support Sam Kress
UG Research Office Sam Kress
UGER Support Ashley Johnson
Undergraduate Admissions Todd Rasmussen
Univ. Financial Aid Office Todd Rasmussen
University Counseling Service Todd Rasmussen
University Health Service Todd Rasmussen
University Registrar Todd Rasmussen
University Strategic Plan Todd Rasmussen
Veale Institute Todd Rasmussen
Vice Provost for Undergrad Ed Ashley Johnson
VP for Research Todd Rasmussen
VP Res - Human Fusions Todd Rasmussen
VP Res - Interdisciplinary Res Todd Rasmussen
Wellness Todd Rasmussen
Women's Center Ashley Johnson
WRUW-FM Todd Rasmussen