Wellness Champions

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Do you share messages about well-being and university wellness programs with fellow CWRU employees? If so, you should consider joining our team as a Wellness Champion! 


What is a Wellness Champion?

CWRU Wellness Champions, also known as Wellness Champs, are faculty and staff representatives who promote wellness opportunities among their department, colleagues, and friends at the university. Characteristics of a successful Wellness Champion include enthusiasm, the ability to bring wellness to life at the departmental level, consistent access to email, and a willingness to ask questions and share ideas. 

The Role of a Wellness Champion

  • Support and endorse the Wellness Program by personal participation
  • Encourage participation in the Wellness Program by communicating opportunities to their network
  • Act as an advocate for employee health and a catalyst for positive change
  • Provide feedback to the Wellness Team and assist with decision-making
  • Serve as a liaison between their department and the Wellness Team  

Become a Wellness Champion 

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Wellness Champions have a time commitment of about one hour per month in addition to biannual meetings (may be in person or virtual). All Wellness Champions must secure supervisory approval to act in the role before their application will be accepted. 

Why join? As a Wellness Champion, you will…

  • Support a culture of well-being in your area and help your colleagues thrive 
  • Challenge yourself to grow personally and professionally by performing tasks outside of your job description 
  • Meet and collaborate with employees from various departments across campus
  • Be the first to know about new and exciting wellness initiatives at the university
  • Participate in trainings, celebrations, and more with the Wellness Team and fellow Wellness Champs

*Apply to Become a Wellness Champion

Meet Your Wellness Champions

*You will need to download and save the application to your computer before filling it out, or the text you input will not save. 

With questions about this program, contact Deanna Duffy at dxd516@case.edu or 216.368.5997.