Anita Zaremba

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Director of Competitive Awards Research Development, Foundation Relations and Research Development

I've been participating in the CWRU Wellness Program since its inception in 2014, originally to take advantage of the financial Wellness Incentives to reduce my medical insurance premium, and then joining the Wellness Program Incentive, to work on reducing stress and improving my general well-being. Between stress management programs like the Mindfulness program, The Work Happiness Method, and Eldercare Program, and physical activity programs like the team-inspired walking competitions, currently Well Traveled, I have increased my efforts to manage my health by good maintenance, rather than winding up with chronic conditions which need regular medical attention. I really love the variety of programs provided, and have built a community of colleagues who look out for each other in a variety of ways. My end game is to be surrounded by folks who are happier, motivated, and engaged, and I think that's why I became a Wellness Champion, to help others get closer to their healthiest selves.