VBWF Wellness Program Areas & Resources

Wellness Program Areas

The Wellness Program invites all benefits-eligible faculty and staff to participate in multi-week programming in any of our eight Wellness Program areas.

Community Well-being

Connect with fellow faculty and staff in these unique opportunities where relationships are built and fostered. 

For an example of one of our community programs, view this video to learn about our Reflection Point program:

See all the Community options on the Community Well-being page.

Financial Well-being

Research shows a strong connection between good health and low stress about personal finances.

Learn more about the Financial Wellness series offered at CWRU:

See all the Financial Well-being options on the Financial Well-being page.

General Wellness

Enhancing overall wellness has been identified by Gallup as a critical factor to enhance work performance, productivity, morale and engagement, and to reduce illness and turnover.

Learn about programs that fall under this category on the General Wellness page

Nutrition or Weight Management

Fueling our bodies with nutritious foods and maintaining a healthy weight contributes greatly to overall health.

See all the Nutrition and Weight Management options on the Nutrition and Weight Management page.

Physical Activity

Along with FREE access to the Veale and Wyant Recreation Centers on campus, the Wellness Program offers several multi-week exercise classes and online step challenges for employees. Our most popular programs are our team and individual challenges like Walktober.

See all the Physical Activity options on the Physical Activity page.


Getting adequate sleep each night is critical for our health and well-being.

Learn more about healthy sleep programs on the Sleep page.

Stress Management

Stress is a natural part of our lives. Those with the skills to manage it lower their risk for a large number of health problems.

Along with a variety of 8-week series like Mental Health Matters, Seasons of Self-Care, and more, the Wellness Program offers free relaxation exercises and Relax Line meditations on our Guided Imagery & Relaxation page.

Learn about all of our Stress Management program options on the Stress Management page.

Tobacco Cessation

Research shows it can take many attempts to completely quit tobacco use. The Wellness Program supports your efforts to quit and stay quit. Learn about our tobacco cessation options.

Additional Resources

Along with our multi-week programs, we offer a variety of resources for on demand use.

Avidon Health

Avidon Health, one of our wellness partners, provides Engagement Rx, an online training tool that will help you achieve healthy behavior change at your own pace. Learn more about Engagement Rx

Ergonomic Assistance

Find resources to make your workstation fit you.

Flu Shot Clinics

A few days remain to receive a free flu shot on campus.

Lactation Rooms

CWRU provides a variety of clean, quiet locations for nursing mothers to pump. Plus, free access to a lactation consultant is available.

Meditation Recordings

The Relaxation Exercises and Relax Line offer free recorded meditations that faculty and staff can access anytime.

Walking Maps

Find new routes in and around campus for a midday walking break!


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