Right On the Money

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Right On the Money is a 4-week program that makes the sometimes-intimidating task of learning about money matters fun. It is a financial education program wrapped in a game you play on your desktop or mobile device. It’s divided into 2-week rounds, called the Money Round and Double Your Money Round, where you earn virtual dollars by learning about topics most important to you. The more you learn, the more confidence you gain to make smart money choices now and in the future. 

View this short video to learn more about Right On the Money

All benefits-eligible faculty and staff were invited to participate. Right On the Money started on Monday, July 10 and ended on Sunday, August 6. 

The webinars to the right are open to faculty and staff even if you are not participating in Right On the Money.

How to Earn a Financial Well-being Incentive

In general, to earn a $100 Financial Well-being Program Incentive, employees must:

  • Already be earning the $25 Monthly Wellness Incentive
  • Participate in a multi-session program to learn more about financial management, attending at least 85% of sessions over a minimum of 8 weeks
  • Complete the Financial Well-being attestation form in HCM by November 30

Since Right On the Money is a 4-week program, those seeking to earn a Financial Well-being Program Incentive must also attend/view 3-4 financial well-being webinars.

There are several live and on-demand options. Use the links to the right to identify (and register for, when applicable) the webinars that interest you most. With questions, contact Deanna Duffy at dxd516@case.edu

Additional Resources

Karen Braun, CWRU faculty member and regular Wellness Program instructor, recommends these online resources for reputable financial information: