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NOTE: Until further notice all meetings will be completed via ZOOM.  Find a virtual meeting online.     

WW Subsidy for Benefits-Eligible Employees

A 50% subsidy is available for benefits-eligible faculty and staff interested in joining WW. The subsidy is available for WW Meetings (in the community and online) and for WW OnlinePlus.

2021 is your year for wellness success!

Sign up between now and July 31, 2021 and earn a free Insider's Kit. The kit is worth over $100 and full of WW tools and treats.

Learn more about the Insiders Kit!

WW+ offers access to the Headspace Meditation App, Coaching, Recipe Suggester, Water Tracking, Sleep Tracking and More.

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2021 WW Unlimited Workshops + Digital
Monthly Pricing: $38.22
Subsidy: 50%
Your Monthly Cost: $19.11

WW OnlinePlus
Monthly Pricing: $16.96
Subsidy: 50%
Your Monthly Cost: $8.48
Learn more about OnlinePlus from this quick video from Weight Watchers!

To enroll, log on to the CWRU WW page.
When signing up, use Access ID: 21123
Then enter your Employee ID. This is not your Network ID, but the seven digit employee ID you can find on your pay stub.

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