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Nutrition Assistance

Nutrition Assistance

Are you interested in losing weight?

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University Department of Nutrition are conducting a 12-week weight loss study. If you have regular access to the internet, are overweight, and are between 35-65 you may be eligible to participate. Participants will be in a Facebook group where they will get information on diet and exercise and can connect with others.

Participants will be compensated for study activities.

See if you are eligible by taking a short survey.

If you completed the survey before, please consider doing so again. Technical issues led some to be told they were not eligible for participation when they may have been eligible.

Nutrition Coaching

If you're struggling with counting calories, managing a dietary disease, or simply want some motivation when it comes to healthy munching, nutritional coaching may be for you.

In today's world of options, a nutritional coach can be your navigator when it comes to maneuvering menus or finding healthy grocery store picks.

A nutritional coach can help you:

  1. Choose healthy foods to fight off disease.
  2. Find low-calorie, low-fat recipes.
  3. Revamp what you put in your grocery cart during a 1-hour grocery store tour.
  4. Select foods to manage a dietary disease, such as type II diabetes or celiac disease.
  5. Understand the impact of food journaling.
  6. Make educated choices by reading and understanding nutrition labels.

When you call EASE@Work, you will be connected directly to the intake staff who will notify the nutritional coach of your needs. The nutritional coach will contact you to schedule an appointment that is convenient with your schedule.

This benefit is provided through your employer, for you and your dependent family members. Three free one-hour sessions are available through the EatWell@Work program.

To speak directly with the intake staff, call 216.241.3273 or 800.521.3273. If you prefer to schedule your appointment online, visit the nutritional coaching page on Enter your Member ID: CWRU and Password: EASE. ID and password are case sensitive; use all caps.

Bon Appetit Management Company

CWRU is fortunate to have Bon Appetit—a strong supporter of sound nutrition—as our food service vendor. Bon Appetit’s kitchen principles focus on:

  • Fresh, seasonal, and regional products
  • Sustainably raised and organically grown products when possible
  • Food cooked from scratch
  • A wide choice of healthy menu items

Well-being is supported in various ways through the strategies implemented and utilized by Bon Appetit. Learn more by visiting Cafe Bon Appetit.

Vending Machines

A wider variety of healthier food options are now present in vending machines on campus. Look for the green spirals, which indicate that item meets nutriSNACK guidelines.

AVI Foodsystems, our vendor, created the nutriSNACK selections to make it easier for customers to purchase items that meet the following criteria:

  • 220 or fewer total calories per serving
  • 30 percent or fewer calories from fat (nuts exempt)
  • 1.5 or fewer grams of saturated fat
  • Zero grams of trans fat
  • 400 or fewer milligrams of sodium
  • 35 percent or less sugar by weight (100 percent fruit items exempt)
  • or meets four of the above criteria AND has at least 10 percent of the daily value of one of the following: vitamins A, C or E; iron; calcium; protein; or fiber.

“Live healthy. Eat healthy. Be healthy” is the motto for the nutriSource program at AVI. As the university expands employee health and wellness opportunities on campus, increasing the availability of healthier food items makes sense.

In addition,  new “wellness” machines have been placed in three locations on campus: Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing ground floor, Kelvin Smith Library and the Sears Building). These units house healthy snacks and fresh food items that meet AVI’s nutriGOOD, nutriWISE and nutriSNACK guidelines.

Choosing a wide variety of healthy foods throughout the day will help you stay healthy. Additional nutritional information may be found on the following websites: