SelfHelpWorks (now Avidon Health)

SelfHelpWorks, an on-line training tool, will help you break through barriers that have kept you from achieving goals in the past… and create a future free of doubt.


image of the words self help works

Selfhelpworks (now Avidon Health) is a suite of programs that can help you make changes in the following areas:

The self paced programs typically take six to eight weeks. And you can complete them almost anywhere you have internet access.

Check out this demo to learn more about the programs offered.

Available Incentives for 2021 Wellness Participants:

  • Complete programs in weight loss or diabetes control qualify for the Nutrition and Weight Management program incentive
  • Complete the Stress and Resiliency class to qualify for the Stress Management program incentive
  • Complete the Smoking Cessation program for the Tobacco Cessation program incentive
  • Or complete the walking program to earn the Physical Activity incentive.

Registration is open. You will need to enter your network id and birthdate (month/day/year) to access the courses.

This program is open to all benefits eligible faculty and staff. This includes those who did not complete the three fall wellness activities (HRA, biometric screening, tobacco attestation) as well as anyone who is eligible but has opted out of benefits at CWRU.