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Faculty/Staff Wellness

Wellness Premium Incentive

Wellness Premium Incentive

Premium Incentive = $25 Per Month

The wellness program includes a wellness premium incentive, through which employees who use a Benelect medical plan can earn an incentive if they complete a:

  • biometric screening AND
  • tobacco attestation form

All faculty and staff in the university's Benelect medical plan who participate in both wellness activities will qualify for a $25-per-month Wellness Premium Incentive and have the opportunity to participate in Wellness Programs to earn cash incentives.
Wellness earnings are taxable.

(Note: the Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) is on hold for the fall of 2017 and is not a wellness premium requirement this year.)

Wellness activities provide baseline information on an individual’s current health. The de-identified, aggregate data for the participant group is used to determine programming needs and for evaluation purposes.