About the Tobacco Attestation

What if I'm a Smoker?

To complete all requirements to obtain the monthly Wellness Premium Incentive, you must participate in a tobacco-cessation program, but quit status at the end of the cessation program is not a requirement. 

As part of the Wellness Program, all faculty and staff with Benelect medical plan coverage through the university, or those who will add coverage for the next calendar year, are encouraged to complete the online Tobacco Attestation Form.

Each Fall between September 1 and November 30, the form can be found on the Wellness Tile within HCM.

New hires to the university should complete the paper form included in their orientation packet. Completion of the Tobacco Attestation Form is one two additional activities necessary to obtain the Wellness Incentive as a Benelect plan participant. NOTE: The Health Risk Assessment is required for all Wellness Participants. Then participants must complete at least two of these three activities: tobacco attestation, PCP attestation and/or biometric screening.

Tobacco users need to participate in a cessation program prior to receiving the Wellness Premium Incentive.  Following completion of the cessation program, faculty and staff must notify the Wellness team so we can request that the Benefits team initiates their Wellness Premium Incentive. Participants still may be tobacco users at the end of the cessation program. The Tobacco Cessation page of this website details current cessation options.

A reasonable alternative standard is available for tobacco users; please contact erc10@case.edu with questions.