Working on Campus During COVID

During our transition back to full time and hybrid work on campus, the Wellness Program is offering a variety of resources, including some one time Zoom sessions, to help faculty and staff better manage their work life balance.

How to Stay Sane, Resilient and Positive During Uncertain Times

The pandemic and uncertainty of what’s to come can easily leave one feeling anxious, depressed, scattered, and lonely. This can affect how we show up at work and in our personal lives. While it may feel chaotic, the good news is that each of us has more control than we think. By using simple evidence-based techniques, you can bolster your resilience, positivity, and sense of togetherness even amidst change.

Positive psychology expert and executive coach, Stella Grizont, presented an interactive webinar to learn how to not just cope, but thrive through uncertain times.

Watch the Recording!

Resources from Dr. Lisa Damour

1. Visit Dr Damour's Website which includes great articles like her recent "Parenting when Shocked" submission from January 7.


Friend of the Wellness Program, Lisa Damour has a new podcast which gives parents the tools they need to navigate parenting in a pandemic. With journalist Reena Ninan, Damour tackles parents' timely and timeless questions about the challenges that come with raising children and teenagers. Ask Lisa is available at AppleSpotify, and most podcast platforms. New episodes release each Tuesday.

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Financial Well-being Resources

Our financial wellness instructor, Karen Braun, offers this great primer on taking care of your financial health during this remote work period.

Financial Wellness During Covid- 19

Karen's suggested online resources for more information during the Covid-19 crisis: