White Coat Ceremony: Class of 2024 Spotlights

The 2021 White Coat Ceremony was held on Thursday, August 5, celebrating the Class of 2024 and Class of 2025. Surrounding the festivities, we’re shining a light on our Class of 2024 in recognition of the unprecedented year they navigated through their D1 experience. 

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Eric MacFadden

Headshot of Eric MacFadden

Favorite ice cream: Moose tracks

Class of 2024 student Eric MacFadden is combining his passion for medicine and helping others with his family’s tradition in dentistry by pursuing his Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry degree.

“I have a long line of dentists in my family so continuing the tradition is nice, also I have a passion for medicine and helping people,” said MacFadden.

Growing up in Marion, Ohio, MacFadden selected the School of Dental Medicine for its prestige, the university’s place at the forefront of medical advancement and its location in Cleveland. Returning to campus this year, he is looking forward to more in-person learning opportunities and enhancing his hand skills. MacFadden is a member of the Delta Sigma Delta dental fraternity.

When asked what the White Coat Ceremony, held on August 5, meant to him, MacFadden shared that this is the official beginning to his life in dentistry.

Jacob Kamm

Headshot of Jacob Kamm

Favorite ice cream: Vanilla

For Class of 2024 DMD student Jacob Kamm, dentistry provides the opportunity to combine helping people with the use of cutting-edge technology to make a difference in the community. 

Growing up in Northville, Michigan, Kamm selected Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine because of the state-of-the-art campus facilities. “I immediately fell in love with the HEC and dental clinic when touring.” 

While his first year was a fully virtual experience, Kamm has gotten involved with student council and looks forward to interacting with faculty and peers face-to-face this year.

“Last year was supposed to mark the beginning of a professional career,” said Kamm. “This White Coat Ceremony will be a reminder of that journey.”

Joanne Tan

Headshot of Joanne Tan

Favorite ice cream: Mint chocolate chip

“I have always liked going to the dentist, which is a very unpopular opinion.” Growing up in Troy, Michigan, going to the dentist was a comfortable atmosphere for Joanne Tan, Class of 2024 DMD student. It was during her undergraduate studies, when was able to spend a summer volunteering in an underserved community, that she discovered how often dental health is neglected. This experience piqued her interest in connections between diet, nutrition and dentistry. 

“Luckily, I was currently pursuing a degree in nutrition and with the help of several professors, I was able to find a plethora of connections between nutrition and dentistry,” said Tan. “I learned that promoting proper nutrition is a way of preventative treatment of several oral and dental diseases.”

Tan selected Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine for the collaborative environment fostered between the schools, specifically on the Health Education Campus, and the ability to learn how to work interprofessionally and learn about other medical fields. Entering her D2 year, she is excited for the opportunity to get to know her classmates. Tan is currently involved in student council, Psi Omega and the American Student Dental Association. 

“The White Coat Ceremony marks a significant step into the field of dentistry,” said Tan. “To me, it symbolizes a welcoming into a field of continuous learning, being true to your patients and yourself, and promoting proper oral healthcare. I'm excited to finally have our White Coat Ceremony and continue my education towards a DMD.”

Jared Dyke

Class of 2024 DMD student Jared Dyke

Favorite ice cream:  Chocolate Peanut Butter

Class of 2024 DMD student Jared Dyke knew he wanted a career in the medical field that provided opportunities to help others and work in a hands-on environment, which is why he chose a career in dentistry. He is also interested in the chance to own his own business, allowing for more work-life balance. 

Dyke is originally from Winchester, Virginia, and selected Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine for its clinically focused curriculum and the state-of-the-art facilities on the Health Education Campus. After learning remotely over the course of the D1 year, he is looking forward to working in the SIM clinic, meeting more of his classmates, and celebrating this White Coat Ceremony milestone.

“As the first member of my family to attend professional school, I see the White Coat Ceremony as an opportunity to recognize all the hard work and support my parents and extended family have given me, which has helped me reach this point,” said Dyke.