EFDA Class of 2021

Congratulations to the EFDA Class of 2021! The determination, hard work and dedication you demonstrated this year as the first fully virtual class is an inspiration. 

Included below are spotlights on each of the Class of 2021 EFDA graduates. 

Mona Aqel

Class of 2021 EFDA graduate Mona Aqel
  • Dr. Ziad El-Hayek's office - Z Dentist
  • What prompted me to pursue EFDA training is my desire to make a greater impact on patient experiences in the dental office.
  • What I enjoyed most about being in the program was witnessing my skills progress as a future auxiliary.
  • What I'll miss the most about the EFDA program is having excellent one-on-one guidance and direction by my amazing instructors.

Shirin Azadi

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Shirin Azadi
  • Beautiful Smiles Dental - Dr. Maryam H. Azadi, DMD and VIP Smiles Dental - Dr. Lucia Johnson, DMD
  • I pursued the EFDA program as a supplement to my training for dental school and to refine and improve my dental hand skills.
  • While studying in the EFDA program, I enjoyed most learning new techniques and procedures for creating the proper restoration on any particular tooth. Additionally, being taught how to look at restorations meticulously and reproducing proper dental anatomy was very beneficial to achieving a successful dental restoration.
  • Once graduating from the EFDA program, I will miss most the wonderful instructors who constantly provided detailed feedback on how to improve our skills, specifically, teaching us how to recognize what is clinically acceptable compared to what is not.

Keren Calderon

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Keren Calderon
  • David R. Beckman DDS
  • I was prompted to pursue the EFDA program to expand my horizon and get further in my career.
  • What I enjoyed from this program is that we got to stay at home while learning.
  • What I will miss the most would be getting some feedback on what I didn't understand when reading.

Carrie Crews

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Carrie Crews
  • Great Lakes Dental Arts in Mentor Ohio
  • My love for self-growth, learning and tooth anatomy.
  • I loved watching my skills grow and improve.
  • I will miss Shelly and Karin the most!

Ashley Deamon

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Ashley Deamon
  • Bennett Family Dental in Westlake
  • I want to be an EFDA because I would like to expand my skills and abilities. I have been a hygienist since 2013 and have always admired the capabilities of the EFDAs I have worked with.
  • The thing I enjoyed most about the program was learning how to fill teeth, especially sculpting and polishing composite. I also enjoyed learning about the different types of filling materials. 
  • I will miss the challenge of learning something new and knowing it will be scrutinized on every detail which I feel has prepared me to do my best for my patients.

Amber Dell

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Amber Dell
  • Bright Now Dental / Parma Heights
  • I love dentistry and what I do as a dental assistant, but I also wanted to do be able to become more one-on-one with my patients and go further in my career!
  • I enjoyed learning how to fill teeth with wax! It really helped us become more familiar with the anatomy and go in small increments!
  • I will miss most the guidance from my incredible teachers. I wouldn’t be able to get this far without you guys with me every step of the way with such positive attitudes and patience with me

Heather Ferreira

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Heather Ferreira
  • Dr. Robert Perrott. Robert D. Perrott, DMD, Ltd. General Dentistry. ICOL, Board Certified Implantologist
  • I wanted to further my dental career and become more knowledgeable with the restorative aspect of dentistry. The opportunity to work more independently chairside, to take on more responsibilities, to be even more of an asset/more valuable to my team and employer also encouraged me to pursue EFDA training.
  • I enjoyed being the first class to do this program virtually. The EFDA program is a very fast- paced rigorous program as is, but doing so online and navigating through lab virtually showed us WE CAN DO IT!

Kristen Funk

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Kristen Funk
  • Advanced Dental Care & Aesthetics/North Olmsted
  • I wanted to pursue EFDA training because I love helping people and wanted to grow in my dental career.
  • I enjoyed the learning process and the hands-on experience.
  • I’ll miss Shelly and Karin’s positive attitudes.

Jami Gabriel

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Jami Gabriel
  • I have always enjoyed assisting and wanted to further broaden my skills and help patients feel confident about their smile and coming to the dentist!
  • I enjoyed learning all the different techniques and materials that can be used to restore a tooth.
  • I will miss everything about class; the lab once we were able to come into school and the pets that would make appearances while we were on zoom!

Jetmir Gjini

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Jetmir Gjini
  • Foreign trained dentist graduated at Albanian University in Albania.
  • EFDA program as a continuing education is a great opportunity for foreign trained dentists to keep doing what they love to do. I was surprised by the high standard of EFDA CWRU program and I enjoyed learning new techniques.
  • I will always remember how we succeeded despite the difficulties of a pandemic year.
  • Also I will miss the fact that I had the privilege to be the only male of the group. :)

Courtney Juris

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Courtney Juris
  • Whitney Scott S DDS
  • I chose to pursue EFDA because I enjoy making a difference. Becoming an EFDA gives me the opportunity to extend my hand in providing my patients with confidence that I will be able to assist them in achieving. Dental health is important to me, and I look forward to providing my patients with the utmost care!
  • The most enjoyable part of being in the EFDA program for me, would be the continuous support from my instructors. With the COVID Pandemic being a concern this year, they extended their time in making sure I was prepared and confident going into the board exam!
  • I'm going to miss being in lab. Although I look forward to working on patients, I enjoyed discussing among classmates on different angles we took while restoring our preparations!

Mollie Kaple

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Mollie Kaple
  • Dr. Decker at Shiloh Medical Services located in Greenwich, Ohio
  • I have absolutely loved everything about the dental field. There is so much room for growth and continuing your education; not only to better yourself but provide your patients with nothing less than the best treatment possible. The first day of dental assisting school I said “I’m going to be an EFDA as soon as I possibly can!”
  • I enjoyed learning the anatomy of the teeth mostly. It has been very intriguing to me. I loved learning just as much as I enjoyed all the hands-on lab work! I will miss lab the most. I found myself lost in lab time enjoying filling teeth.
  • I will miss the feeling of being in a very well-structured environment.

Amanda Martin

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Amanda Martin
  • I will be working at Dr Fryer’s office in Mayfield Heights.
  • I wanted to become an EFDA because I enjoy helping people feel good about their smile, and seeing how happy they are when they leave the office.
  • I enjoyed learning and meeting new people in the program. This year being virtual was a little bit different than I thought when I applied to the program, but I feel like it made the learning experience more personal and we really got to know each other.
  • I'm going to miss the constant learning from not only the instructors, but also the other students. I feel like with the program being virtual, we were able to learn a lot more from each other since we were all on Zoom together. I think being virtual people asked more questions than they would have in person which helped us all learn more.

Stephany Martinez

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Stephany Martinez
  • Hudec Dental at Luthern Hospital
  • Being a mother of three, I want my children to see me thrive for success. A prime example is to work hard to accomplish your goals because the sky is the limit.
  • I enjoyed the opportunity to attend Case Western Reserve University and being the first class to complete the CWRU EFDA Program virtually. Attending class virtually, we were given the chance to meet everyone's adorable children and pets. We all gained a special relationship and because of that.
  • I will miss my amazing instructors and classmates. Class of 2021, COVID did not stop us! We did it!

Monika McPherson

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Monika McPherson
  • Dental Works Aurora, OH - Dr. Martin Jordan
  • As a child I have always been interested in teeth. After pursuing becoming a DA, I learned of the EFDA program. Ever since then, I have been on a mission to complete the course of study.
  • I enjoyed having an opportunity to have the hands-on experience despite the Covid-19 pandemic. This was my first virtual learning experience. Faculty, along with my classmates, made it a very adjustable situation for us all.
  • I will truly miss the pleasure of learning with other motivated students. Adult learning is often a task. It was wonderful working with others from various age groups. I was provided with consistent support to achieve my highest academic performance.

Marina Morgan

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Marina Morgan
  • Dr Barry Jaffe DDS in Parma Heights
  • I wanted to be more professional and know the dental anatomy that dentist uses in office and learn more about teeth so I will be able to do some procedures by myself such as restorations (under dentist supervision).
  • I enjoyed everything in this program I have gotten a lot of information, knowledge and skills, but enjoy most working in lab.
  • I will miss everything.

Alyssa Rospierski

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Alyssa Rospierski
  • I work at Exceptional Smiles at Landerbrook in Mayfield Heights.
  • I have always wanted to be independent in my career, but also still being a helping hand to my peers. Becoming an EFDA will increase my skill set and will make me a better team player and person!
  • I enjoyed it all. I looked forward to Fridays, and looking back I see the progress myself and my peers have made... even being virtual! Challenging, but great to experience. It was so different being virtual for most of the program, but I am going to miss the connection I made with the professors and my classmates. I feel like we all had a different level of relationship because of being virtual. We were a one of a kind class!
  • I will miss them and all the special appearances of their pets and children!!

Brittany Sanchez

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Brittany Sanchez
  • I work at Westlake Dental Associates. I graduated from Remington College in 2011.
  • When I was doing Hygiene Assisting at Refresh Dental I met Allie. She had just graduated from the Case Western Reserve University EFDA Program and was sharing her experiences. Seeing her passion really helped me want to take the next steps in my career.
  • What I've enjoyed most is of course filling teeth but also seeing the Shelly's passion towards what she teaches. Her positivity has kept me going even when I lost focus.
  • I will miss my classmates. Due to COVID we didn't have the chance to have much of the person-to-person interaction but they all seem like great people and I can't wait to see everyone advance in their abilities.

Asha Spencer

Class of 2021 EFDA graduate Asha Spencer
  • University Dental Associates, Dr. Ronald W. Orr and Dr. Patricia Wilson
  • Starting my career in dentistry I just fell in love with it. I wanted to continue to learn and grow.
  • I enjoyed learning to become an EFDA - just overall preparing to do fillings on a real patient. It was so much fun. Scary but fun.
  • I’ll miss sharing stories and experiences with my classmates and instructors.

Sara Wade

Class of 2021 EFDA graduate Sara Wade
  • I work for Dr. Gene and Dr. Sharon Henderson in Elyria, Ohio.
  • I wanted to become an EFDA because I wanted to be able to further my career in the dental field while expanding my knowledge to give my patients the exceptional care they deserve.
  • I enjoyed learning about how involved each restoration really is and I also enjoyed getting to know my classmates from the computer screen being that this year was predominantly remote from home during the Covid19 pandemic.
  • I will miss waking up every Friday to seeing everyone and their animals or children on their home screen but I will also miss learning about what it takes to become a true EFDA and diving deep to see what we can truly accomplish!

Assra Zubair

EFDA Class of 2021 graduate Assra Zubair
  • Baqai Medical University (Baqai Dental College).
  • I pursued this training as being a foreign trained dentist, I wanted to advance my knowledge and clinical experience in the field of dentistry with hands on experience on patients and this course is the quickest way to do that.
  • I enjoyed improving my hand skills virtually, that I had never experienced before. The way you taught us and guide us at every step I just love that and also I enjoyed working on live patients in United States in a hospital setup - that was my dream to work here.
  • I will definitely miss clinical classes over zoom, and the way we helped each other and learn something new every week. With this course I didn't only learn restorations but I learn so much technology too.