MEDTAPP Healthcare Access Initiative

Sponsor: The Ohio State University with funding from the Ohio Medicaid Program

Project Period: March 15, 2012 - June 30, 2015


The project aims to create a customized curriculum for new MEDTAPP (Medicaid Technical Assistance Policy Program) dental scholars that will include training in cultural sensitivity and competency for serving the Medicaid population, promoting and teaching the inter-disciplinary Smiles for Life curriculum in the community health clinic setting to engage non-dental providers in oral health activities, and training for quality improvement projects in oral healthcare. The MEDTAPP project also supports the training and placement of an oral health patient navigator (OHPN) to assist Medicaid families from area sealant programs to obtain referral care and establish a dental home. The OHPN will seek to expand the existing network of private dental offices that accept Medicaid children from sealant program referrals. The OHPN will also be training in contemporary communication skills for patient education and will coordinate and advocate for the services and care needed by these families.

Project Team

Catherine Demko, PhD – Department of Community Dentistry

James Lalumandier, DDS, MPH – Department of Community Dentistry

Kristin Williams, DDS, MPH – Department of Community Dentistry