Spotlight on Diversity and Inclusion Award

Developed through the school's Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the FPB Spotlight on Diversity and Inclusion Award recognizes a member of our faculty, staff or a current student who demonstrates leadership that manifests the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion into practical action at our school and university.

The Spotlight on Diversity and Inclusion Award will be award each semester through the Office of the Dean.

The deadline for submissions for Spring 2022 is March 1; for Fall 2022, Oct. 1.


  1. Nominees must be full-time staff or faculty members with a minimum of two years of consecutive service or a current FBP student.
  2. Self-nominations will not be considered.
  3. Nominations will be kept and considered for two consecutive years.

Criteria for selection may include a broad range of criteria from inclusion-centered initiatives: efforts to support recruitment and retention of diverse staff and/or students; teaching and/or research that expands and embraces our understanding of inclusiveness; multicultural programming or related initiatives; community outreach activities; or a host of other possibilities that enhance diversity and inclusion. Nomination statements should focus on the following criteria:

  1. The extent to which the nominee’s activities have promoted a campus environment that is welcoming, supportive and nurturing of cultural, ethnic, racial, class, gender, sexual orientation, language and other human differences.
  2. The extent to which the nominee’s activities have contributed to raising awareness and conscious-ness about diversity and inclusion within the context of the university’s mission and for the greater good of the FPB community.
  3. The extent to which the nominee’s activities had, or will have, significant impact on the FPB community in terms of diversity and inclusion.

What has the nominee done to make FPB a more diverse and inclusive community?  The following offer examples of practices and activities that exemplify diversity and inclusion and are not a requirement of the staff member’s job.

  • Extending a welcoming work environment and fostering a sense of belonging to the individual's workplace and FPB community.  (Recognizing important milestones and accomplishments, department/college events, and all university events; demonstrates sophisticated understanding of the social and cultural complexities in and/or among different groups.)
  • Effective mentoring to employees when assigned new work responsibilities or new positions. (Personal mentorship or providing written instructions for the employee who would be hired into the position and effective communication across individual differences that demonstrates evidence of adjustment in own attitudes and beliefs.)
  • Developing strategies that will bring awareness to unacceptable behavior from employees. (Strategies to eliminate ignoring or excluding, intimidating or bullying, or isolating or leaving out or target of derogatory verbal remarks, target of racial profiling, singled out as spokesperson for his or her identity group.)
  • Developing a system for employees to report and address all exclusionary, intimidating, offensive and hostile behavior.  (Help employees get support so that a positive working environment can be restored.)
  • Actively participates as a volunteer or mentor in campus diversity resources.

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