Capstone Poster FAQ

Make your life easier: Use the Capstone template.

It is highly recommended that you use our template. The School of Nursing requires that the header and footer, along with the CWRU logo, be on your poster. Otherwise, you are welcome to change the layout and color of the poster template. Capstone Poster Template‌

How large can my file be?

Poster files can be as large as 4 to 6 MB. If your poster is any bigger, we may have trouble receiving it by email or printing it.

What size should my poster be?

Our standard poster size for the Capstone project is 30” high x 40” wide. Click on the Design tab, then Page Setup to confirm your poster size.

What size font do I need to use?

Your Title font size should be approximately 100 followed by Author/s between 40 and 70, Headings between 40 and 65, and Text Boxes between 30 and 50.

What size file do my pictures need to be?

Pictures must be at least 300 dpi. It is a good idea to view your picture at 100%. If it is pixilated (you see noticeable squares of color) on your screen, it will appear that way when we print them too; and you will then need to obtain a higher resolution picture.

What file format should I use for pictures?

PowerPoint works best with jpeg or tif images. Pict and eps images from a Mac brought into a PC are not recommended; they will cause a problem.

How do I bring charts, tables and pictures into PowerPoint?

For pictures it is best to do an Insert Picture from your file or PowerPoint presentation. Charts, tables and graphs can be copy/pasted from an Excel worksheet by Copying the chart/table/graph, opening your poster and clicking on Paste (from the tool/menu bar) then Paste Special> Picture (Enhanced Metafile) and then clicking OK.

Helpful Shortcuts

To change the background of a text box

Right click on the text box > Format Shape > click on Solid Fill and use the drop down menu to select a color. Hold the Shift Key as you click on the text boxes to select multiple boxes.

To change the background of the poster

Right click on the background to change the color, add texture or make a nice gradient color. The possibilities are endless.

Remember, keep your background light. We do not print dark color backgrounds because they saturate the paper and make your poster wavy like a Ruffles potato chip

To align text boxes and pictures

Highlight one or more text boxes by holding shift or control and selecting boxes. In tool bar select arrange > Align > Select option. You can also distribute boxes evenly with this feature.

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