Research Studies + Labs

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Working for Better Patient Care

Today’s nurse scientists are conducting studies in the lab, the clinic, the hospital, and the community—connecting the dots between scientific inquiry and the quality of patients’ lives. Our nurse scientists aren’t just chasing cures, but also are bettering care. They conduct research at the basic science level, extending the more traditional, biobehavioral types of nursing research.

Current research studies + labs include:

  • Determining the timing & amount of CFTR repair for pulmonary improvement
    PI: Rebecca Darrah, PhD
  • Evaluating the Effects of Physical Activity & Fatigue Management Strategies
    PI: Matthew Plow, PhD
  • Brain and Hormonal Biomarkers Associated with Self-Management Information Behaviors: A Diversity Supplement Training Program
    PI: Shirley M. Moore, PhD, RN, FAAN
  • SystemCHANGE Weight Management in Inflammatory Immune-Mediated Diseases
    PI: Matthew Plow, PhD
  • Angiotensin Signaling as a Therapeutic Target for CF Pulmonary Disease
    PI: Rebecca Darrah, PhD

Recent research studies + labs include:

Research Contacts

Associate Dean for Research:

Shirley M. Moore, PhD, RN, FAAN

Assistant Dean for Research:

Sara L. Douglas, PhD, RN

Assistant Dean for Research Administration:

Margaret Roudebush

Assistant Director of the Center for Research & Scholarship:

Sally Garrett Karyo

Grants Specialist:

Danielle Bunkley