Implementation Science References

Frances Payne Bolton Alumnae Event May 6 2021

QSEN Virtual Conference – Championing Quality and Safety through Academic and Practice Partnerships. Virtual Live June 1  (featuring AACN Re-envisioned essentials and Deans Musil and Sharpnack cooking with Chef Bal) and June 2 Hot topic Discussions, panels, workshops and Keynotes).

*See attached schedules for both events. 

Nurses Month Celebration ANA:

Sarah Cole Hirsh Institute at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Online Journal of Issues in Nursing  search for “Hirsh Institute Article Repository”

Eccles & Mittman, 2006, Implementation science journal

Training Institute for Dissemination and Implementation Research in Cancer (TIDIRC) Modules

Practice Implementation Course (NURS 412) Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing 

NURS 412. Practice Change Implementation. 1 Unit.

The course focuses on evidence-based practice implementation and quality improvement methods to facilitate effective management of practice change. Students will define quality and safety problems in the healthcare system in which they work and then implement a change. The course covers issues related to evidence-based practice, teamwork, systems science, change management, and data analytics. Students will apply the concepts to practice through an implementation/quality improvement project.

VA Quality Scholars Program

World Health Organization Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for infectious disease.

University of Maryland, ADVISE – Advancing implementation science education.

WorldViews on Evidence-based Nursing. Special issue on Implementation Science.

D & I Conference sponsored by Academy Health, NIH, VA (December).

CTSC UNC:  Sample grants:  Improvement science UNC.

CTSC Colorado: training  D & I certificate program

Publishing Standards for Reporting Implementation Studies. STARI

Publication Standards for Reporting QI. SQUIRE

Journals: Implementation Science Journal and Implementation science communications