Capstone Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid Contacts

Senior Associate Director
University Financial Aid

Nancy Issa

Director of Financial Aid
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Dedra Hanna-Adams

For students doing capstone either at a distance site or locally financial disbursement process will be the same as it is each year.

CWRU and FPB Fees

Student fees cannot be waived, even if you are spending the semester at a distance site. All capstone students register for classes at CWRU and attend courses on campus during intensives so they are still required to pay the fees associated with registering for classes.

Housing Expenses at Distance Sites

Students are responsible for covering their housing expenses.  If you receive financial aid (loans, grants, or scholarships) through CWRU to cover housing expenses you can use that money to pay for your housing.  This money will be deposited in your checking account as a lump sum at the beginning of the term.  Planning ahead is very important, often the payments or deposits for the housing at distance sites are due before financial aid is available to students.  In the summer financial aid is available around July 1. In the fall financial aid is usually available 1 to 2 weeks after the semester begins.

Additional Financial Aid

If you anticipate additional expenses related to your capstone experience such as transportation, travel, or housing you can request additional financial aid.  If going to a distance site, the request must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the student leaves.  The additional financial available is this situation is typically student loans.  To apply for additional financial aid contact Nancy Issa in the CWRU financial aid office or Dedra Hanna-Adams in the FPB financial aid office.

 BSN Capstone Financial Aid