General Capstone Housing Information

All students are responsible for organizing their own housing both during the intensive session and for the capstone experience.   

On Campus Housing for Intensives

Only students with existing on campus housing assignments, in a residence hall or a university-operated Greek House, qualify for transitional housing (housing before or after the regular semester) on campus during the intensive period.

There is a daily rate for transitional housing, contact Residence Life for more information about transitional housing costs. Transitional housing may not be the same as your regular housing assignment. 

Students must contact Residence Life to determine qualification and make arrangements through Residence Life for transitional housing.

Residence Life Contact Information

Distance Sites Housing Information

The housing options at each distance site are different based on the site location. At distance sites students often rent an apartment or a room in a house for the duration of their capstone experience. The capstone site preceptors may provide suggestions; however, it is the responsibility of the student to secure the housing.

 BSN Capstone Housing Information