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Mentoring Programs

The following programs represent more formal opportunities to be connected with a possible mentor at Case Western Reserve University. This list is not exhaustive and should not be seen as the only way to connect with a possible mentor. We would also encourage you to review the information about becoming a mentee to learn more informal ways to connect with a possible mentor.

  • Alumni Career Network - The Alumni Career Network, powered by Wisr, is a secure online database of alumni who have volunteered to assist students with career advice and networking. This global community is a powerful source of career inspiration and networking.
  • Collegiate Connections - Collegiate Connections is an invitation-only mentoring program that matches first-year students with a student mentor who will provide academic, professional and social support.
  • Emerging Leaders Program - The goal of the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is to give first-year Case Western Reserve University students the opportunity to develop a foundation of leadership skills by providing knowledge and experiences essential for lifelong leadership engagement.
  • Spoken English Language Partners - The purpose of the program is to offer mentoring to international students to help with presentation skills, accent modification, classroom activities and participation, and vocabulary acquisition.
  • African American Alumni Association Mentoring Program
  • Career Year - A 12-month career development program for first- and second-year students, with priority for underrepresented minority and first-generation college students. The program provides workshops, small group projects and other exciting activities to get you thinking about and taking action on your career.
  • Líderes Avanzando - As part of Somos CWRU and in collaboration with Cleveland’s Esperanza organization, Lideres CWRU is designed specifically for Latinx students who could benefit from a more culturally aware, hands-on approach to navigating a highly competitive institution. The focus is on students who do not have an established academic or professional support system built into their networks.
  • Voices: A Women of Color Collaborative - Voices is a student run organization formed in recognition of the intersection of race and gender, working to address both simultaneously. Students will have informal mentorship opportunities with professionals and graduate students, while building interpersonal relationships. Students will also connect to campus leadership opportunities and career leads. Voices hosts events and programs designed to share the different experiences of women of color, their concerns, and disclose their diverse, vibrant cultures. Through every initiative, Voices will serve as a support system.
  • Emerging Scholars - The Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) is designed to promote the academic success of entering students at Case Western Reserve University. ESP is a collaboration between the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Educational Services for Students, the Office of Undergraduate Admission, and the Office of Undergraduate Studies at Case Western Reserve University. The program provides participating students with opportunities to improve their skills in writing and mathematics; to connect with professors, advisors, and mentors; and to learn about all of the resources available to help them meet the demands of college life.
  • Undergraduate Student Nurses Association Mentoring
  • Women in Science and Engineering (WISER) Roundtable Peer Mentoring Program - The WISER Peer Mentoring Program pairs first or second year WISER students with WISER upperclassmen or graduate students in a similar major or field of study. Mentors/mentees will get to know a student with similar interests and offer support or learn from their experience.
  • International Club Mentorship Program
  • International Family Friendship Program - The International Friendship Program matches international students with Case Western Reserve alumni, staff, faculty and friends. The program helps students make the transition to life in the US, it gives hosts the opportunity to learn about other nationalities and cultures, and it can serve as a springboard for friendships that often last beyond a student's stay at Case Western Reserve.

Mentoring Awards

A mentor can be anybody and can happen at any time. Never burn bridges, because you made need somebody's help when you least expect it. Sometimes you have to seek out a mentor, and sometimes they may fall into your lap unexpectedly, but a positive relationship requires two people to build it.

Anonymous, 4th year, Chemical Biology and Dance