Wellness Vending Machines & Reproductive Health Kits

Vending Machines during Winter Break

Campus community members can access free wellness items at vending machines across campus. Items can include:

  • cough drops
  • ibuprofen
  • condoms
  • pregnancy tests
  • tampons and sanitary napkins
  • COVID-19 rapid antigen tests 
  • emergency contraception (Plan B) in select machines

Starting May 20, 2024 machines will be filled every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Wade and Fribley machines will not be filled starting May 20, 2024. Due to supply issues some items may not always be available. 

Wellness Machines with Emergency Contraception (Plan B) 

The following locations have vending machines that include emergency contraception (Plan B).

  • Wade
  • Fribley
  • Samson Pavilion (HEC)
  • TVUC

Additional Wellness Vending Machines

These locations do not have emergency contraception (Plan B).

  • Sears Library 
  • Biomedical Research Building

Reproductive Health Kits

Campus community members can pick-up free reproductive health kits that include condoms, pregnancy tests, emergency contraception (Plan B) and related items from the following locations. Please check websites for office hours:

Any questions regarding the wellness vending machines or reproductive health kits can be sent to uhcs@case.edu