Wellness Programs

University Health & Counseling Services offers various programs to support students health on campus. If you are interested in hosting one of our programs, please contact Mary Halm (mxh1034@case.edu)

Available Programs

T.H.I.N.K Suicide Prevention Program 

T.H.I.N.K is UH&CS' mental health and suicide prevention training, available to all CWRU, CIA, CIM, and KSU School of Podiatry Students. For more information on T.H.I.N.K please click here. 

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BIPOC+ Support Space

Every semester UH&CS hosts BIPOC Support Space bi-weekly 1:1 meetings with our Multicultural Specialist. For more information on BIPOC+ Support Space please click here. 

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Rethinking Anxiety and Depression

Rethinking Anxiety and Depression is a three session workshop for students that is intended to help increase understanding of anxiety and depression. Learn how to successfully recognize symptoms and gain insight on creative ways to manage anxiety and depression as a students. 
For more information on Rethinking Anxiety and Depression please click here

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Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday is a monthly collaboration between UH&CS and The Office of Multicultural Affairs. Every month we host a program centered around different aspects of wellness. 
For more information on Wellness Wednesday please click here

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Sundaes on Mondays 

Sundaes on Mondays is an ice cream filled event that is free to students. This event is hosted by UH&CS to encourage students tot take a moment away from their computers and textbooks. A time to engage with your peers and give yourself the sweet treat you deserve. 
For more information on Sundaes on Mondays please click here

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Mindful Activity Hour

The Mindful Activity Hour is a monthly event hosted by UH&CS. Each month offers a featured activity and various other crafts and engaging activities. 
For more information on the Mindful Activity Hour please click here

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Guided Relaxation Exercises

Looking for some relaxation support? TimelyCare offers guided meditation sessions on their app. Looking for more resources on guided relaxation and why it is useful? Click the button below for more information. 
For more information on Guided Relaxation Exercises please click here 

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Light the Campus 

Light the Campus is UH&CS' annual day of remembrance for those our community members have lost. The next ceremony will be in the spring semester of 2025. 
For more information on Light the Campus please click here

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Free STI Screenings 

UH&CS offers Free and confidential STI testing to all students once a month.
For more information on Free STI Testing please click here