Mental Health Resources for Students Outside of Ohio

All students, regardless of location, can consult with one of our counselors for in-the-moment support by scheduling a same-day appointment through or by calling (216) 368-5872 during business hours. 

While UH&CS counselors cannot provide ongoing care for students out of state, we now offer TimelyCare (see below). In addition, UH&CS offers a number support and skills groups to students regardless of their location. Please talk to a counselor to determine what resources are appropriate for you. 

Our counselors can also be of assistance in helping students locate therapists in their communities. Please have your insurance information at the ready if you are calling to speak to someone about how to locate a mental health professional in your area. 

TimelyCare: Virtual Counseling Visits

Case Western Reserve University now offers TimelyCare, a 24/7 mental telehealth care service that undergraduate, graduate and professional students can access from wherever they are. 

Through TimelyCare, students can talk to a licensed provider via smartphone or any web-enabled device. Licensed providers are available to offer mental health support via telephone or secure video visits. Please visit the TimelyCare website for additional information. 

Finding an In-Network Mental Health Provider through your Insurance Company

  1. Locate Insurance card: You will want to have your insurance card on hand when you call your insurance company. If your physical card is with a family member in another city, ask the person who has your card to scan and email BOTH sides of the card to you. If there is no physical copy of your card, you may be able to log into your health insurance website to get information needed to access your benefits (such as your Member ID number). 
  2. Call your insurance company: There will be an 800 number on the back of your insurance card to call for "mental health benefits." If this number is not available, look for a "member services" phone number. When the phone operate answers your call, they will ask for your ID number off the front of the card. Ask the operator what your "outpatient mental health benefits" are. They will tell you if you will owe a deductible or co-payment for visits, and how many visits you will be allowed per year. Then, ask the operator for a listing of names of therapists and/or psychiatric services in the ZIP code of 44106 or your local ZIP code. Make sure you get more than one or two names, as you may need to call several providers. The operator may also give you a website where you can look up the information. 
  3. Search Online: Most insurance plans also have an online search feature that you can use to find in-network mental health provides. The website address is usually listed on the back of your insurance card. You will probably need to register in order to access the online search. 
  4. Psychology Today: This website can be helpful in finding local mental health provides, as well as learning more about ones that you find through your insurance company. Many mental health provides have profiles where you can learn more about their practice and approach. You can filter results with many different criteria including insurance, zip code, specialties/areas of expertise, gender, etc. 
  5. Open Path Psychotherapy Collective ( - an initial $59 lifetime membership fee provides access to in-person and telehealth pyscotherapy sessions with therapists across the country. Sessions are between $30 to $60 each.

Here are the most common insurance companies used by our students. 

Company Website

(for students on the CWRU Health Plan) 

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Cleveland Clinic Employee
Medical Mutual
United Healthcare