Prescription Refill Requests

Refills During Winter Break

As you are preparing for the end of the semester, we want to let you know that University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS) will be closed December 21, 2023 at 3pm, through January 2, 2024, at 9 am, in accordance with the university’s holiday period.

Please make sure that you pack any prescription medications to take home with you. If refills are needed, contact NURSE REFILL through before December 21. Refills submitted after 3 pm on December 21 will be addressed on January 2. Students needing medication before that time should reach out to their provider at home or arrange for a visit to a local urgent care. Students can also contact TimelyCare (timelycare/com/cwru); TimelyCare medical providers are able to provide short-term refills for most medications. 

For students who are prescribed ADHD medications (such as Adderall, Concerta, and Vyvanse) by a UHCS provider:
Prior to leaving for break, please ensure that you have enough ADHD medication to last until you return to Cleveland – and that you pack the medication to take home with you. ADHD medications cannot be transferred between pharmacies, UHCS cannot send prescriptions for ADHD medications to pharmacies outside of Ohio, and TimelyCare will not prescribe controlled substances such as stimulants or ADHD medications. During the University Closure (beginning December 22 and ending January 2) UHCS providers will not be available to provide refills or new/substitute prescriptions for ADHD medications

How to Refill a Prescription

  • Clinicians at UH&CS can continue to prescribe most medications for students; certain medications may require a referral to a specialist. 
  • Can I get my prescription refilled? 
    • If you would like UH&CS to write your prescription, please make an appointment to see a provider BEFORE you run out of medication. 
    • If your prescription just needs to be transferred to a local pharmacy, please see our guidance online. 

Clinicians at UH&CS can refill most medications for students. If you take a medication that has been prescribed by a UH&CS clinician, please submit a refill request online through A nurse will review your request and reply to you within 3 business days. 

If you need a refill for a medication that has been prescribed by a clinician not at UH&CS, you may still complete the form; however, a visit with UH&CS may be needed before medication can be prescribed. If your prescription just needs to be transferred to a local pharmacy, please see this guidance. 

Prior to completing a request, check your pill bottle to see if you have any refills available. If yes, contact your pharmacy directly to refill your prescription. 

1. Log onto with your CWRU credentials. 

2. Enter your date of birth

3. Click Messages 



4. Click New Message

New Message




5. Click I want to get a prescription refilled and click continue. 

I want to get a prescription refilled



6. Click select recipient

Select Recipient




7. Click M-R and click Nurse, Refill. 

List Clinicians with last name



Nurse, refill




8. Fill out the rest of the form

9. Click send