TimelyCare: Virtual Care from Anywhere

TimelyCare download the app to get free 24/7 access to virtual care

What is TimelyCare? 

Access to 24/7 medical and mental health support for Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Institute of Music, Cleveland Institute of Art, and Kent State University School of Podiatric Medicine students. 

What Services are Available? 

  • Talk Now- 24/7 in the moment mental health support 
  • Scheduled Counseling- scheduled visits with a licensed counseling, including night and weekend availability
  • Medical Visits- 24/7, on-demand and scheduled visits with a licensed medical provider
  • Workshops and classes- On-demand and live workshops and classes including yoga and meditation.
  • Peer Community- is a safe space to anonymously express yourself and share your thoughts, feelings, and emotions

What can I be treated for? 

TimelyCare physicians and counselors can treat/discuss a wide range of common conditions, and after talking to you, will decide on the best course of treatment. 

Some common presenting issues are: 

  • Cold
  • Sinus infection
  • Influenza (flu)
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Relationships
  • Depression
  • And much more!

How much do visits cost? 

There is no cost to all enrolled Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland Institute of Music, and KSU Podiatry students. 

How to Register

Check out this video on how to register for TimelyCare

To create an account: 

  • Visit timelycare.com/cwru
  • Select 'Sign In' at the top of the page. 
    • If using a mobile phone/tablet, you must download the TimelyMD app. After downloading the app, select "Sign Up for TimelyMD."
  • Set up an account using your case.edu email address (you must use your abc123@case.edu address) and your name as it appears on your student ID. 
  • NOTE: KSU Podiatry, CIA and CIM students must log-in with their @case.edu email address. If you need assistance activating your CWRU email please contact Utech. 
  • If prompted, click "Log in" 

If you experience difficulties, please call TimelyCare at 833.484.6359 or email support at help@timely.md.

Students under the age of 18

Student under the age of 18 will need to call the TimelyCare customer support team with their parent or guardian present at 833-4-TIMELY to register. TimelyCare will give the parent/guardian access to create an account that the student can have visits from until they turn 18.

Please remember: You can always get immediate assistance from University Health & Counseling Services' 24/7 on-call counselor at 216.368.5872 and nurse on-call at 216.368.2450.