Group Therapy

Therapy in a group setting can be a productive and supportive way to address common concerns. Students meet as a group with one or more clinicians to explore a specific topic and develop coping skills. Some groups are time limited, while others are ongoing. Group offerings vary each semester and lists are updated at the beginning of the semester. Additional groups may be developed, depending on student interest and staff availability.

Get started: If you are currently meeting with a UH&CS counselor, speak to them directly about a referral to group. If you are not already seeing a UH&CS counselor, call 216.368.5872 for more information. 

The following groups are available to all CWRU, CIA, CIM, and KSU podiatry undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. For additional information on dates/times available and to register click the links below.

Groups for Students in Ohio

Due to state licensing laws some of our psycho-educational groups can only be offered to students residing in Ohio. In order to participate in the groups listed below, you must currently reside in the State of Ohio. If you are interested in any of these groups call Counseling Services at (216) 368-5872 to schedule a group evaluation.

In the Company of My Sisters

The focus of this group is on creating a safe space for women of color to support one another, connect over experiences of discrimination, oppression, racism, and gain wisdom and energy from each in a safe, supportive, and confidential space. This group is open to anyone identifying as a women of color.

Understanding Self and Others

This group is for students who want to better understand themselves and their relationships with others. Participants identify specific goals they want to achieve to improve their social lives, such as managing conflicts, communicating directly and assertively, making connections with new acquaintances, coping with loneliness, improving trust in others, increasing self-esteem, and establishing interpersonal boundaries.

Each member of the group has the opportunity to ask for feedback on their own goals, as well as to offer feedback to other members. Rather than focusing on the past, this group seeks to cultivate a supportive, here-and-now environment to foster healthy self-concepts and social skills.

Support Group for Women Earning PhDs

This support group is offered for students who identifies as woman and want to come together to explore and process the challenges and struggles of being a in a PhD program. Here we discuss ways to balance school and personal life; manage relationships with advisors and peers; and improving self-confidence and self-efficacy. 

Trauma Skills Group

Small group for students who may be struggling with symptoms of trauma. Group will explore ways to contain/manage emotional and physical symptoms of trauma response in a practical way. Focus will be on integrating our emotional self and rational self by using creativity to enhance self regulation skills. The goal is to help student's recognize when they are experiencing a trauma response so they can name it, 'feel it' and move through it in a safe and healthy way. 

Wednesdays from 3 - 4 pm, in-person at UH&CS
Start date 9/27, 10 weeks 
Referrals to Trisha Whittington LISW-S