Social Work Internship: Program AIMS

Individual Counseling

On average, interns see 8 individual client hours per week; however, as a college counseling center, our client flow is strongly influenced by the academic schedule and can vary significantly depending on the time of year. Individual counseling is done primarily through short-term counseling. Individual counseling hours include scheduled client appointments and same-day appointments. Interns typically cover 2 hours of same-day or walk-in shifts, distributed across the week. Interns are expected to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with the recipients of psychological services.
  • Develop evidence-based intervention plans specific to the service delivery goals.
  • Implement interventions informed by the current scientific literature, assessment findings, diversity characteristics, and contextual variables.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apply the relevant research literature to clinical decision- making.
  • Modify and adapt evidence-based approaches effectively when a clear evidence- base is lacking.
  • Evaluate intervention effectiveness, and adapt intervention goals and methods consistent with ongoing evaluation.
Group Counseling

Trainees may have the opportunity to co-facilitate one group during the Fall or Spring semester. Groups typically offered include process groups and psychoeducational workshops. This opportunity varies depending on student demand and staffing.

Consultation and Outreach

Interns perform outreach and consultation services to the campus community, although the frequency and duration of these activities varies considerably. Outreach activities might include tabling events, presentations, availability to provide support at
emotionally activating campus events, or large mental health diagnostic screening events. Outreach activities are performed on an as-needed basis and are not consistent from week to week.