Counseling Services

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is offered on a short-term basis with a counselor to discuss a personal concern relating to academic difficulties, stress, relationship problems, anxiety, depression or other personal matters. When there is a need for longer-term care, the UCS staff may offer some of our group services. In cases where there is the need for, 'specialized care' or a 'higher level of care', the UCS staff will help students consider options in the community.

Group Counseling

Group counseling involves a small number of students who meet to discuss a common concern. The supportive atmosphere in group counseling can be of help to many because individuals typically learn that they are not alone with their feelings and experiences. We recommend that interested students call the UCS for more information. An individual information session may be required prior to joining some of our groups. We also rely on groups to help us manage the demand for individual counseling, so at busy times of the academic year we may encourage students to try a group or to consider a referral to another university or community resource for individual care.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric consultation is available for students who wish to consider how a medication might become a helpful adjunct to their counseling and/or general healthcare. Our part-time psychiatrists will also consult with students to assist them in continuing or discontinuing a medication. Students who have existing connections with a psychiatrist at home or in the Greater Cleveland area are encouraged to keep that connection because our psychiatry hours are limited. Please note: we do not offer emergency psychiatry appointments, so when they arise, we refer students to local hospitals.

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing may help clarify personal or academic issues and be beneficial to the counseling process. Tests are administered on an individual basis and results are discussed in the counseling sessions.

Consultation Services

Consultation services are offered for faculty, staff, and students who are trying to help another person through difficult times. A UCS staff member can speak in confidence and offer ideas on how to help.


Referrals are occasionally recommended to one of the numerous services available through Student Affairs and the university community. Our staff can provide information to students seeking help and to faculty or staff attempting to refer students to a helping agency. Occasionally, students will need longer-term counseling and UCS staff will provide information about private referrals and university health insurance coverage.