Price List

2023-2024 Price List

UH&CS is not able to bill health insurance for immunizations and labs. Payment for immunizations and labs is expected at time of visit. Student can submit receipt to insurance provider for reimbursement. At this time UH&CS can only accept credit card payments, no cash or case card. 


Vaccine Price Per Dose  
Adacel (Tdap) $50.00  
Engerix B (Hep B 3 dose) $75.00 each dose
Tenivac (Td) $45.00  
Gardasil 9 (HPV) $270.00 each dose

Heplisav B (Hep B 2 dose)


each dose

Imovax (Rabies) $95.00  
MMR $155.00  
MedQuadFi (MCWY meningitis) $125.00  
Tubersol TBD  
VAQTA (Hepatitis A) $80.00  
Varivax (Chicken Pox) $160.00  
Yellow Fever Market Price contact UHCS for availability


Lab Price
Hep B Surf Ab $40.00
Hep B Surf Ag $20.00
Measles IGG $25.00
Mumps IGG $25.00
Rubella IGG $20.00
Varicella IGG $35.00
HIV $40.00
Syphilis $15.00
GC/CT $45.00
Tspot $80.00
Hep C $65.00
Rabies $120.00

Price list updated April 5, 2024

Other Vaccines

UHCS staff can refer you to area clinics for the following vaccines, which are unavailable at UHCS:


  • Cholera
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Polio
  • Meningitis B