About Echo360

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This service goes by a few names at CWRU: Echo360, Echo, MediaVision Courseware, MVCW, MediaVision — they all refer to the same service! Echo360 is the lecture capture platform that is used to provide automated and semi-automated course recording. MediaVision videos are accessed through Canvas, making it convenient to find and view videos.

In addition to capturing lectures in select classrooms across campus, Echo360 offers robust video management features. Echo360 provides options for standard video features, such as variable-speed playback, captions, and simple editing. In addition, Echo360 offers interactive collaborative tools, such as note-taking and Q&A capabilities, and robust analytics.

The final piece of Echo360 is Universal Capture. Universal Capture allows instructors to create voice, camera, and screen recordings from their own computer. These captures can then be shared directly with users or published into a Canvas course.

Echo360 is mainly used for lecture capture in classrooms around campus that are equipped with recording equipment. Once a lecture has been recorded, it is uploaded to Echo360 and becomes available to everyone enrolled in the class via Canvas. From there, students use the recordings to study, revisit confusing concepts, and complete their notes. Echo360 offers unique features for collaboration, such as time-stamped discussions and a Q&A tool, which allows instructors and students to connect over video content.

Faculty also utilize Echo360 as a video storage option by uploading their videos to Echo360. These videos can then be linked to or pulled directly into Canvas courses. This has been used with great success for flipped classrooms, where 100+ micro-learning videos have been created for students to use throughout the semester. Echo360 hosts all of these videos and lets students access them straight from Canvas, making it easy to find exactly what they need.

Echo360's Universal Capture software is also used at CWRU, particularly for make-up lectures, guest speakers, and recording things on screen (such as Powerpoints). Any time a quick video needs to be made, Universal Capture is a great option! It records your computer screen, video camera, and microphone into one complete video. From there, the video can be uploaded to Echo360 and made available to your viewers.


Instructors cannot create the initial link between Canvas courses and Echo360, and cannot create new courses in Echo360. Please contact us at or for this initial setup.

If you are interested in using Universal Capture, please download it from the Echo360 Downloads page. To record your own content to host on Echo360, you'll just need your CWRU Network ID and password to login. To record content to host on Echo360 and share in Canvas, you'll need an Echo course created. Please contact us at or for this initial setup.

Here's what you should know about using Echo360:

  • There's more to Echo than just the recordings! Explore the analytics, Q&A tool, and more offered with Echo360.
  • Instructors may not be able to create the initial link between Canvas courses and Echo360, and cannot create new courses in Echo360. Please contact us at or for this initial setup.
  • Echo360 works in browsers that have third-party cookies enabled. If you see any error messages, try checking your cookie settings or switching browsers.