Secure Online Testing

About Secure Online Testing

While engaged in remote instruction, it may be necessary for students to take course exams through an online platform. If you feel extra precaution against academic dishonesty is necessary, there are two tools available for use in your Canvas courses:

  • Honorlock is an online proctoring tool available by request.
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor is a cheating deterrent that is available to everyone in the Canvas environment.

No matter which tool you decide to use, there are limitations and considerations to take into account. Please review our Secure Online Testing Tools for Faculty guide for more information about both tools.

With the understanding that not all students may have the technology readily available, and need to be informed that you are going to use one of these tools for exams, consider whether the use of additional secure testing tools is warranted and necessary.

If you would like to have a secure environment for all tests and quizzes, we recommend using either Respondus or Honorlock consistently throughout the semester to reduce student confusion and anxiety.

Use Honorlock for high-stakes assessments which an accrediting body requires to be delivered in a proctored environment.

For more information on selecting the best tool for your needs, as well as considerations about testing equity, see the Secure Online Testing Tools Faculty guide.

Respondus LockDown Browser secures a student’s computer while taking Quizzes in Canvas. LockDown Browser prevents students from accessing other applications or internet browser windows during a quiz, and also disables options for copying, pasting, and printing on-screen information. Students will need to download LockDown Browser to their computer. After a one-time setup, they will be able to launch LockDown-enabled quizzes directly from their Canvas courses.

Respondus Monitor is an additional feature, integrated into LockDown Browser, that uses the camera and microphone on the student’s computer to further ensure a secure testing environment. With Respondus Monitor, you can require students to show identification and/or make a quick video of where they are taking the exam. Students continue to record themselves while they complete the exam. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Respondus Monitor will flag potential test security violations, sort them for severity, and forward them on to you to review.

LockDown Browser can be enabled on its own, but Monitor can only be used with LockDown Browser.

Learn More about Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Honorlock use is encouraged for midterms, finals, and similar high-stakes exams. It is available to you in Canvas by submitting a usage request. While Honorlock provides a robustly monitored environment, there is a per student cost to the university.

Learn More about Honorlock