About the Biometric Screening

Omada Health Program
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Video Overview of Omada

Digital lifestyle change program from Omada Health.

If your biometric screening results indicate that you are at risk for metabolic syndrome in 3 of 5 areas of concern:

  • Blood Pressure
  • HDL Cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Fasting Glucose
  • Waist Circumference

you will be invited to join the Omada program.

If you choose to participate, you'll get your own interactive program, wireless scale, professional health coach, peer group, weekly lessons and more.

See these Omada Health FAQs.

View a video from Omada on eating for heart health

To learn more, contact Deanna Duffy at dxd516@case.edu or visit the Omada website.

The university offers free biometric screenings each fall for benefits-eligible faculty and staff, either at an on-campus event or at a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center. The screenings include measures of:

  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol
  • triglycerides
  • glucose
  • height
  • weight 
  • BMI
  • waist circumference
Apple and stethoscope

To register and schedule a screening, visit the Quest website. You will use your CWRU single sign on to access the Quest site.

To make an appointment:

  1. Determine whether you would like to participate at an on-campus event or at a Quest Patient Service Center.
  2. Click on the button to schedule a screening appointment below your selected option.
  3. Choose the most convenient location available.
  4. Select the date and time.
  5. Confirm the appointment.

Alternatively, if you have had or will have bloodwork completed at a recent primary care appointment, you may choose to download your Physician Results Form. Your provider should complete and return that form directly to Quest.

Make your appointment!

Fasting for nine to 12 hours prior to the blood collection is required. Take any regularly scheduled medications as usual. Drinking water is permissible and recommended during the fasting period.

Screening results will be available online within three to five days and will be mailed to participants’ homes within two to three weeks. Please note that if your screening results fall into a range of concern, you may be contacted by phone by a member of the Quest team with a suggestion to follow up with your Primary Care Physician.

About 10-14 days after the screening, participants can verify that their participation has been registered in HCM.  Choose the Wellness tile, then select the Wellness Summary from the menu on the left.

All HIPAA rules apply.