Wellness Premium Incentive

Premium Incentive = $25 Per Month

The wellness program includes a wellness premium incentive, through which employees who use a Benelect medical plan can earn an incentive if they complete a:

  • biometric screening 
  • health risk assessment (HRA) AND
  • tobacco attestation form

All faculty and staff in the university's Benelect medical plan who participate in both wellness activities will qualify for a $25-per-month Wellness Premium Incentive and have the opportunity to participate in Wellness Programs to earn cash incentives.

Participants are encouraged to check their status anytime in HCM. Go to the "Wellness" tile, then choose Wellness Summary. You will see current, prior and future benefit year status.

Wellness earnings are taxable.

Wellness activities provide baseline information on an individual’s current health. The de-identified, aggregate data for the participant group is used to determine programming needs and for evaluation purposes.

Notice of Reasonable Alternative Standard: If a medical condition makes it unreasonably difficult for you to achieve the standards for the incentive under this program, or if it is medically inadvisable as determined by your physician or health care provider for you to attempt to achieve the standards for the incentive under this program, contact erc10@case.edu to request a reasonable alternative standard. We will work with you to provide another way to qualify for the incentive.  Recommendations of your physician or health care provider will be considered and accommodated in developing an alternative standard that is reasonable in light of your health status.