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Rogers, Russell. A serial cephalometric radiographic study of certain dimensions of the mandible and their relationship to Class II malocclusion.

Vego, Leroy. A longitudinal study of mandibular arch perimeter with and without lower third molar teeth in young adults.

Warren, Leonard. Longitudinal study of the position of the hyoid in different malocclusions.


Aaronson, Sanford. A cephalometric investigation of the hard and soft tissue changes associated with the sub-condylar osteotomy surgical correction of mandibular prognathism.

Hamman, James. A cephalometric roentgenographic study of changes in incisor angulation accompanying removal of full banded orthodontic appliances.

Slodov, Ike. The effects of banding and various methods of leveling on dental arch length and incisor inclination.


Baxt, Morton. A study of the reliability of measurements obtained from radiographs produced by the Updegrave technique of temporomandibular joint radiography.

Behner, Harvey. A serial cephalometric study of the long axes of the mandibular bicuspid teeth of children from eight to eleven years of age.

Brady, Robert. A longitudinal study of skeletal and dental maturation in subjects with various types of dental occlusion.


Benson, Al. The reliability of repositioning living human subjects for serial temporomandibular joint roentgenography using the Updegrave and a modified Updegrave technique.

Bulchak, Russell. Apical root resorption after orthodontic therapy: a qualitative roentgenographic comparison of the edgewise and the Begg light wire techniques.

Fisher, William. A study of methods establishing a mid sagittal plane in posteroanterior cephalograms.


Datwyler, Darwin Reed. A study of some relationships between mandibular prognathism and somatype.

Goodrich, Glenn. The effect of intermaxillary elastic forces on the temporomandibular articulation.

Randle, Richard Earl. Glucose clearance in the oral cavity before and during orthodontic treatment.


Altiere, James Nick, Jr.. Panoramic radiography in orthodontics using a special cephalostat.

Dietrich, Carl Philip, Jr.. The changes in angulation of the palatal, mandibular and occlusal planes accompanying and following Begg orthodontic treatment.

Winters, Allen Harvey. A comparison of the mechanical effectiveness of manual and electric toothbrushes on fully banded orthodontic patients.


Gattozzi, Ralph S. Quantitative analysis of the orthopantomograph.

Mittler, William A. A cephalometric evaluation of anterior overbite reduction with the Begg technique.

Valentine, Richard E. Skeletal maturation and mandibular growth rate in patients with Class II skeletal discrepancies.


Fanno, James T. Analysis of the dentitions of an Ohio Pre-Colombian Indian population.

Sabat, Michael R. An evaluation of a mid-sagittal cephalometric plane for clinical use.

Sheridan, Allan. A quantitative analysis of the Panorex unit using a special cephalostat.


Penman, Richard Allen. A cephalometric appraisal of serial extraction.

Starr, David Donald. Retraction of the mandibular six anterior teeth en masse.

Wenger, Terry Lee. A cephalometric appraisal of the significance of the inter-incisal angle and method of retention in the maintenance of overbite correction.


Bekeny, Andrew Richard. The effects of the rubber tooth positioner on the gingiva of orthodontic patients during retention.

DiGiulio, John Henry. Quantitative measurements from panoramic radiographs.

Peruzzi, Robert A. The effects of Tweed treatment on various facial patterns.


Ballrick, James. A statistical validation of cephalometric prediction.

Daprano, Angelo Anthony. Canine retraction in healed and recent extraction sites.

Giegerich, Thomas. Intermaxillary tooth mass discrepancy: its incidence and effects on the treated case.

Pelle, Joseph. Inheritance of craniofacial growth in like-sexed siblings.

Ridzon, James R. A statistical evaluation of moderate dental arch expansion to non-extraction orthodontic therapy.


Boester, Charles Henry. An investigation of the concepts of differential and optimal force in the canine retraction.

Greenberg, Larry Zale. Computerized growth prediction: a statistical evaluation of the Ricketts Synthesis.

Hirschfield, Robert Edward. An evaluation of the effects of various fluoride pretreatment procedures prior to orthodontic banding in increasing the resistance of human enamel to decalcification.

Horii, Michael Jordan. The effect of supra-alveolar fiber transection on the rate of cuspid retraction.

Persky, Sheldon Lawrence. An evaluation of the dento-skeletal changes occurring during scoliosis therapy with a modified Milwaukee brace.


Beeson, Dennis Charles. The effects of electric currents on orthodontic movement, In Vivo.

Brodkowitz, Daniel Irwin. The outcome of orthodontic treatment as a function of craniofacial architecture: a cephalometric investigation of the Begg technique.

Gange, Robert Joseph. The septopremaxillary ligament and nasomaxillary growth in the albino rat.

Nagel, Norman John. A materials evaluation of ten direct bonding systems utilizing polycarbonate brackets.

Tanaka, Marvin Mitsuo. A contemporary validation of the mixed dentition analysis: estimating the size of unerupted cuspids and bicuspids.


Belhobek, Joseph Hubbard. The effect of unilateral progressive condylar compression on mandibular growth.

Ford, Jeffrey Martin. A cephalometric investigation of human craniofacial growth as characterized by a computerized growth equation.

Fuller, David Stewart. An investigation of mandibular condylar growth following condylotomy in the guinea pig.

Neumann, Henry Frederick. A clinical evaluation of decalcification under orthodontic bands following pretreatment with acidulated-phosphate fluorides and adhesive plastic coatings.

Schmohl, Louis William, III. Orthodontic direct bonding systems: In Vivo vs. In Vitro joint strength comparisons.


Behrents, Rolf Gordon - Milo Hellman Award. The influence of the trigeminal nerve on facial growth and development.

Berkowitz, Jackie. The radiographic anatomy of the craniofacial complexes of the rat, guinea pig and rabbit.

Bernabei, Raymond Lee - Harry Sicher Award. A cephalometric investigation of the growth, in situ, of "isolated" mandibular condyles in adult rats following the administration of bovine growth hormone.

Kossoff, Howard Eliot. An evaluation of the accuracy of the Johnston grid in cephalometric growth prediction.

Rhodes, David Alan. Electron microprobe analysis of in vivo exposure of acid-etched enamel.


Bernard, Dennis Orrin. Predetermination of the time of the facial growth spurt utilizing the cervical vertebrae.

Brigham, Gary Paul - Harry Sicher Award. An investigation of antigenic differences among condylar, epiphyseal, and nasal septal cartilages.

Duchon, Stuart Lee. A cephalometric investigation of the soft-tissue profile.

Fink, Ronald Dale. Validation of the contemporary techniques for the prediction of lower third molar impaction.

Paulus, William David. The effect of maternal ethanol inhalation during pregnancy on the craniofacial development of the A/J mouse.


Mayers, Colin Arthur. Asymmetry of the maxillary and mandibular dentition with respect to the palatine raphe.

Klar, Lawrence Alan. An evaluation of the occlusion on post-orthodontic patients.

Bates, Lyn Vandevere. An evaluation of current orthodontic bonding materials and a comparison of the direct and indirect techniques.

Kabinoff, Howard Louis. A comparative evaluation of xeroradiography for its use in orthodontics.

Palmer, Nick Stephen - Harry Sicher Award. In vivo and in vitro studies of anti-cartilage antibodies.


Carmen, Ronald Bruce. A study of mandibular anterior crowding in untreated cases and its predictability.

Cotler, Stuart B.. The functional maturation of the cervical vertebrae.

Opalka, Theodore F., Jr. Correlation of mandibular skeletal development with anchorage preparation: A cephalometric investigation of Tweed, Begg and a modified non-anchorage edgewise technique.

Gift, Richard E. The effect of periodontal membrane denervation on orthodontic tooth movement.

Weil, Jeffrey Scott. A comparative study of psycho-sociological factors associated with orthodontic treatment.


Kozar, David Joseph. The effect of chronic maternal marihuana inhalation on craniofacial growth and development of rat offspring.

Dolatowski, Kenneth Paul. A study of the prenatal growth of the human anencephalic craniofacial skeleton.

Pooler, Neil Linn. Effects of nitrous oxide inhalation by pregnant mice upon the craniofacial development of their offspring.

Riegel, Ned Irvin. Effect of continuous magnetic radiation upon incisor eruption rate in vivo.

Horvath, Ladd Michael. Intrinsic craniofacial compensation affects in normal development.


Griffith, Richard J. Microcomputers in orthodontics.

Gustovich, Donald D. Psychological implications of orthodontic treatment as related to job attainment.

Koenig, William J. The skeletal nasal airway: a correlative study.

Trouten, James C. Analysis of skeletal open bite utilizing the counterpart analysis.


Hans, Mark G. - Harry Sicher Award. The effects of anti-nasal septal cartilage antibodies on midfacial growth and development.

Popovic, Luka. Transverse growth changes in the rabbit maxilla utilizing vestibular shields.

Scotese, Terry Charles. Transverse maxillary restraint in growing rabbits and compensatory growth changes.

Tsolakis, Apostolos. Effects of distal mandibular traction in the rabbit: A cephalometric, histologic and electro-myographic study.

Young, Donald. A cephalometric analysis of myoskeletal relationships.


Bujack, Elizabeth S. Comparative evaluation of the craniofacial anatomy of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus).

DiPalma, Dennis M. A morphometric study of orthopedic and functional therapy for the hyperdivergent skeletal pattern.

Kapley, Kenneth. A study of factors relating to mandibular anterior crowding in orthodontically untreated individuals.

Roth, Thomas Evan. Synovial fluid pressure determination in the temporomandibular joint.

White, John Craig. A study of craniofacial asymmetry.


Benson, Jeffrey. The effects of cyclic 3'5' adenosine monophosphate and cyclic 3'5' guanosine monophosphate upon sutural expansion by an orthopedic force.

Pfister, Charles. An analysis of the true skeletal Class III utilizing counterpart analysis.

Ward, Dennis. Changes in synovial fluid pressure due to altered mandibular positions.

Weiss, Ira - 1984 Award of Special Merit from the A.A.O. The measurement of changes in oxygen concentration, redox potential, pH, and temperature in the periodontal membrane during force application.

Whitney, David. A longitudinal and morphometric analysis of the Class II individual.

Choi, Yeong Chul. A serial headfilm evaluation of the adenoid relationships during facial growth.

Nah, Hyun-Duck. The influence of axonal transport on facial musculature in the growing rat.


Canepa, Charles P. Histopathologic adaptations to functional forces in the human temporomandibular joint meniscus.

Katsavrias, Elias G. Effects of experimental alteration of nasal function on craniofacial growth in the guinea pig.

Ornella, Eric M. Ramal remodeling in the pig as affected by continuous posterior traction and functional hyperpropulsion of the mandible.

Pinkard, Jacques Scott. The effects of electric current on condylar cartilage and bone growth.

Wu, Chou Bing. A morphometric approach to Class II treatment.


Aksharanugraha, Korntip. The effect of stretching on hamster cheek pouch muscle.

Cavalancia, Jeffrey. The relationship of forceful chewing and palatal form in the vervet monkey (Cercopithecus aethiops).

Chen, Fuang-Ling. Cellular response to tension in buccal epithelium.

Krause, Charles Andrew. A morphometric evaluation of congenital clefts of the lip and palate.

Radulovich, Brian Peter. The effect of tension and pressure on PGE2 and cAMP concentrations in the midsagittal suture of the rat.

Urias, Dayse. A longitudinal study of facial growth in using the counterpart analysis.


Collins, Jeffrey Lee. The effects of mechanical stress upon the content of Leukotriene B4, C4 and prostaglandin E2 in the midsagittal suture of the rat.

DiGangi, Darlene M. A morphometric study of Herbst appliance treatment.

Lewicki, David Alan. The influence of dentofacial schema complexity of assessing facial attractiveness and benefit of orthodontic treatment.

Moron, Denise. Effects of mandibular advancement on the histochemical characteristics of the lateral pterygoid muscle in young rats.


Kim, Michael T. A comparison of different histochemical techniques to trace bone mineral deposition.

Kishiyama, Craig A. An evaluation of response to orthodontic treatment of deep overtie in Eury-, Meso- and Leptoprosopic individuals.

Petrone, Joseph JF.A. The effects of bite plane therapy on mandibular growth: A catastrophe averted.

Shiao, Michael S. The effect of Piriprost and Indomethacin on pressure induced calvarial remodeling along midsagittal suture of the rat.

Triantafyllou, Ioannis E. Craniofacial growth increments after hand-wrist skeletal adulthood.

Yuksel, Derya U. A longitudinal study on the effects of serial extraction using the counterpart analysis.


Brightman, Laurie J. The effects of chlorhexidine gluconate on orthodontic patients aged eleven through seventeen with established gingivitis.

Cheng, Man-Ching. Evaluation of craniofacial morphology and occlusion in patients with nasal obstruction.

DeCoster, Thierry M. Experimental transplantations of cranial and facial sutural articulations: A histological assessment.

Goodrich, Glenn. The effect of whole-body irradiation on osteoclasts during orthodontic tooth movement in the rat.

Parker, Stephan H. Cephalometric evaluation of response to orthodontic treatment of deep overbite with cervical pull facebow headgear in Eury-, Meso-, and Leptoprosopic individuals.

Udomsiri-Visetsiri, Isaravadee. Magnetic resonance imaging and functional analyses of masticatory biomechanics.


Mussa-Contreras, Roxana. The effect of continuous passive motion in the regeneration of full-thickness articular cartilage defects on the condyle of the TMJ in adult guinea pigs: A pilot study.

Kmentt, Bradley. Designed failure of orthodontic adhesives.

Schratz, Walter W. Basicranial asymmetry and morphological effects on the condyle and ramus.

Shiau, Jing-Yi. Evaluation of double-sealant indirect bonding technique: Bond strength, fracture site, marginal defects and surface treatment.

Slodov, Andrew. Antigenic determinants of cartilage in the Sprague-Dawley rat.

Thimaporn, Jariya. Effects of unilateral premature fusion of the zygomaxillary suture on the growth of nasomaxillary complex: A histological assessment.


Chaques-Asensi, Jose. Effects of surgical periostomy in animals undergoing experimental mandibular protrusion.

Johnson, Matthew S. Aesthetic orthodontic arch wires: A quest for materials and a pre-clinical mechanical properties testing protocol.

Martone, Valerie D. A morphometric study of the Class III pattern related to headform.

Lustman-Rozencweig, Sophie. A comprehensive behavioral management method for adolescent orthodontic patients: An experimental study.

Rozencweig, Georges. Diagnosis of temporomandibular joint internal derangement: A comparison between axiography and magnetic resonance imaging.

Souris, George A. Third molar eruption prediction.


Kruse, Daniel A. A comparison of dentofacial and temporomandibular joint morphology in children and adolescents.

Moron, Wulfran Benitez (Jr.). Clinical evaluation of aesthetic arch wires.

Taylor, Michael M. A Method of Evaluation for the Pharyngeal Tissues and Associated Structures.

Tseng, Chen-Wen. An Assessment of the Relationships Among Dietary Consistency, Bite Force and Palatal Morphology in Growing Monkeys.

Tsolakis, Konstantinos I. Growth and development following experimental restriction of transverse maxillary growth of the rat.

Writer, Martin C. Esthetics and orthodontics: The fabrication and testing of a synthetic aesthetic orthodontic archwire.


Dietrich, Carl P., III. Vertical Correction of Open Bite Malocclusions: Fabrication and Testing of a New Orthodontic Appliance.

Nguyen, Hung Tuan. An Antisera Altering Rat Mid-Facial Development Reacts with Cartilage Proteoglycan and Other Matrix Proteins.

Price, Mark A. Dental Development in Low-Birth Weight Children.

Tamiolaki, Angeliki. Teenage Patient Cooperation in Private Orthodontic Practice Utilizing Videotape Instruction.

Wright, Douglas F. Laser Etching of Enamel Surfaces, Bond Strength and SEM Evaluation.

Zammit, Mark P. The Epidemiology of Malocclusion and the Need for Orthodontic Care in Northern Labrador Inuit Youth.


Alvetro-Rossman, Lisa. The Effect of Mid Palatal Suture Separation on Craniofacial Morphogenesis.

Chun, Martha. Transverse Changes in the Adult Craniofacial Complex.

Hamman, Frances. A Longitudinal Study of the Mature Human Dentition - A Pilot Study.

O’Callaghan, Sean. Spatial Resolution of Cephalometric Radiographs.

Pracharktam, Nonglak. Cephalometric Assessment in Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Spillas, Gus. The Relevance of Factor Analysis in the Reduction of Cephalometric Data.


Brightman, Brenda Bonnie. Recognition of Malocclusion: An Education Outcome Assessment.

Cain, David Alan. Histological Analysis of Rebound Growth in The Rat Maxillary Alveolar Complex.

Di Battista, Luigi E. Electrical Stimulation of the Masseter Muscle.

Diels, Roger M. Changes in Soft Tissue Profile in African Americans Males and Females with Class I Bimaxillary Protrusion Following Orthodontic Treatment.

Lange, D. William. Soft Tissue Profile Changes in Patients with Class II, Div. 1 Malocclusions Treated with the Bionator Appliance.

Pence, Timothy J. The Effects of Anti-Link Protein on Rat Midfacial Growth and Development.


Damon, Clay. Cephalometric Evaluation of Orthodontic Treatment of Excessive Overbite.

Dhingra, Seema. Assessment of Orthodontic Treatment Need Using a Cephalometric Index.

Holman, J. Kevin. An Assessment of Extraction vs. Non-Extraction Orthodontic Treatment Using The PAR (Peer Assessment Rating) Index.

Schmahl, Sharon. An Evaluation of Long-Term Occlusal Stability Following Combined Orthodontic and Orthognathic Surgical Treatment.

Shaheen, Bassam. Identification of Unique Extracellular Proteins in Rat Nasal Septum, Condylar, and Synchondrosal Cartilage.


Baek, Seung-Jin. Correlating Cephalometric and Anthropometric Measurements with Physiologic Measurements of Sleep.

Bazzucchi, Andrea. Use of the Active Vertical Corrector in Non-extraction Treatment of Open Bite Malocclusion.

Bozek, John P. Validation of a Cephalometric Index for Orthodontic Treatment Need.

Harmon, David, Jr. The Effects of an Ultrasonic Toothbrush on Orthodontic Patients Aged 11 Through 17.

Najem, Wade J. II. The Correlation of Craniofacial Form Between Siblings.


Luks, Virginia G. Dental Device Treatment for O.S.A.S.: Craniofacial Change Relative to Sleep Quality.

Palomo, Juan Martin. A Three Dimensional Study of the Craniofacial Growth and Development of Sixteen Female Bolton Faces.

Red, Clarence J., III. The Effect of Operator Experience on Orthodontic Outcome.

Signorino, Jamie. The Use of Anti-sialogogues in Bonding Procedures.

Wu, Hsin-Hsin. The Effects of Rapid Expansion on Arch Asymmetry in Children.


Armogan, Vidya. Assessing treatment need in 10th grade students in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Katzan, Charissa. Outcome Assessment of 1-phase and 2-phase orthodontic treatment.

Kulnis, Randall. Cephalometric assessment of snoring and non-snoring children.

Le, Nhat Minh. Utilization of orthodontic services and outcome of treatment in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Wenger, Ryan. Evaluation of protraction facemask therapy using Procrustes analysis and traditional cephalometrics.


Eckhardt, Jonathan J. Characterization of orthodontic treatment provided by general dentists in Ohio.

Feghali, Roland. Comparing intraoral clinical observation with study model assessment of occlusion using the P.A.R. Index.

Nguyen, William D. Pretreatment occlusal characteristics of orthodontic patients vis-à-vis provider education using the peer assessment rating and the index of orthodontic treatment need.

Park, Soon-Jung. Genetic study of craniofacial traits in rats.

Valiathan, Manish. The use of cephalometrics in orthognathic surgical cases.


No class of 2000 due to program change.


James R. Galati. Segregation of Rat Craniofacial Phenothypic Traits in Brown-Norway/Sprague-Dawley Cross.

Jedidiah Gass. Heritability of Maxillary Midline Diastema.

Donald W. Hunt, Jr. Three-dimensional Analysis of Size and Shape Changes Through Growth in Class II, Individuals.

Sally S. Park. The Use of Practice Management Software Programs in Epidemiological Research.


Yumi Abei. Outcome Assessment of Orthodontic Treatment Provided by Orthodontic Specialists and Non-orthodontists.

Rachel Hamilton. Efficacy of Early Treatment Using the Index of Complexity, Outcome and Need.

Alexandros Moullas. Craniofacial Phenotypic variations Among Laboratory Rat Strains.


Laurence A. Golden. Generation of Recombinant Human Beta Defensin 3 and its Microbicidal Activity.

Gordon S. Groisser. Analysis of Vertical Changes in Patients Treated With First Molar Extractions.

Nawaf A. Masri. The Change of the Lower Incisor During Orthodontic Treatment.

Mandana Mozayeni-Azar. Post Treatment Evaluation of Protraction Face Mask Therapy Using Traditional Cephalometrics.


Sean P. Bates. Non-Destructive Determination of the Correlation of Skull Radiodensity to Stiffness and Strength in a Fresh-Frozen Cadaver.

Lance Q. Bruntz. A Comparison of Scanned Lateral Cephalograms to Corresponding Original Radiographs.

David M. Lenhart. Craniofacial Phenotypic Variation Between Two Laboratory Mouse Strains, the A/J and B6.

Christopher J. Spoonhower. Familial Aggregation of Congenital Hypodontia.


Justin Pagan. Evaluation of Cephalometric Changes in Class II versus Class III individuals.

Mohammad R. Razavi. Tooth-Size Discrepancies and Agenesis of Teeth; a Familial Study.

Victoria M. Wan. Comparing Bionator and Twin Block Treatment of Class II Malocclusion.

Tasha Woodson Bolden. African American Orthodontists: How they choose to practice.


Jed C. Hildebrand. Evaluation of Digital Dental Casts Using the ABO Objective Grading System.

Clifford J. Lowdenback. Predicting Orthodontic Treatment Duration Using Pretreatment Patient Variables.

Nadia Lyotard. Evaluation of Short Term Stability Without Retention: A Pilot Study.

Michael W. Paulus. An Evaluation of Dental Arch Relationships Among Children With Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Treated at Two Different Centers.


Gabrielle Chan. Linear and Angular Measurements from Plain Film Cephalometry, 3DCeph, and CBCT.

Sebastian Baumgaertel. The Reliability and Accuracy of Dental Arch Measurements on Three-dimensional Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scans.

Alika Crew. A Study of Orthodontic Stability Following Hawley Retainer Use.

Jeffrey Kwong. Image Quality Produced by Different Cone Beam Computer Tomography Settings.

Reid Wenger. Predicting Short and Long Active Orthodontic Treatment Duration Using Pre-treatment Variables.


John Ballrick. Image Distortion and Spatial Resolution of a Commercially Available CBCT.

Eric Hughes. A study of the Most Common Retention Protocols and Appliances Among Orthodontists in the United States.

Boyd Martin. Root Morphology, Surface Area, Root Resorption CBCT.

Austin Phoenix. Changes in hyoid bone position following rapid palatal expansion in adolescents.


Kurtis Kacer. Self-Reported Retainer Wear Status.

Cynthia Leung. Accuracy and Reliability of Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Measurement of Alveolar Bone Height and Detection of Bony Dehiscences and Fenestrations.

Breyn Peters-Schuster. A 3D Airway assessment of 12-13 year old subjects.

Wanvadee Shewinvanakitkul. A New Method to Measure Buccolingual Inclination Using CBCT.


Lisa Austin. A Study of the Orthodontic Retention Preferences of General Dentists in the US.

Nikolaos Evangelinakis. Changes in Buccolingual Inclination of mandibular Canines and First Molars After orthodontic Treatment Using CBCT.

David J. Sullivan. Longitudinal Airway Changes in Adolescents Using CBCT.

Monica Velez. Surface Area and Root Length Changes on Maxillary Incisors After Orthodontic Treatment.

Xing Zhong (John) Zhang. Skeletal Effects of Bonded Rapid Maxillary Expander Followed by Fixed Appliance and Class III Elastics on Skeletal Patients with Permanent Dentition.


Eleftheria Karamitsou. Pretreatment Buccolingual Inclination of Maxillary Canines and First Molars.

Robert Park. Force/deflection properties of new and retrieved .014” and .016” NiTi wires.

Brent Paulus. Alveolar Bone Thickness after Orthodontic Treatment with and without Rapid Maxillary Expansion.

Lindsey Schilling. A Comparison of Crown and Root Position of the Mandibular Incisors Before and After Orthodontic Treatment using Cone Beam Computed Tomography.

Randa Zarka. Alveolar bone thickness of the maxillary first molar roots before and after orthodontic expansion.


Rongning Wu. Anatomically Based Cranial Landmarks for Three Dimensional Superimposition.

Michael J. Miyamoto. Changes in Buccolingual Inclination of Maxillary Canines and First Molars After Orthodontic Treatment.

Jesse Carmen. Evaluation of the Bone Thickness Surrounding the Mandibular Incisors Before and After Orthodontic Treatment.

Aparna Chitharanjan. Changes in the Volume of Bone in the Maxilla After Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment with and without Rapid Maxillary Expansion.


Lyndsey McCaskey. Changes in Buccolingual Inclination of Maxillary Canines and Mandibular First Molars After Orthodontic Therapy in Class II Patients Treated with Intermaxillary Elastics.

Garrison Copeland. Case Western Reserve University Transverse Analysis - Clinical Application.

Heather Horton. A Method to Compare Relative CBCT Density in the Mandible.

Laura M. Streit. CWRU'S Transverse Analysis Developing Norms.

Cyrine Cachecho. A Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Class II Subdivision Malocclusion Correction.


Raweya Yehya Mostafa. Post-treatment Evaluation Through the CWRU’s Transverse Analysis and the ABO’s Objective Grading System

Celia Fenell. The Reliability and Accuracy of CBCT in Measuring Diameter of Unerupted Teeth

Andrea Font Rytzner. The Envelopes of Error, Reliability and Stability of Nasomaxillary Landmarks to Isolate Treatment Effects in 3-Dimensions

Sara W. Taher. A 3D Analysis of Class III Correction with Fixed Appliances

Fariha Samad. Three-Dimensional Mandibular Regional Superimposition: An Evaluation of the Mental and Mandibular Foramina as Natural Reference Structures


Alexander Apple. Image Distortion, Spatial Resolution and Segmentation Capabilities of the i-Cat FLX Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Machine

Adriano Farina. The Relationship Between the Hyoid Bone and the Upper Airway.

Corey Jones. Does Menopause Affect Cytokine Response to Orthodontic Therapy?

Lucas McGuire. Association Between Alveolar Bone Width and Post-Orthodontic Tooth Movement.

Sorapan Smuthkochorn. Differences in Bone Turnover Markers in Pre and Post-Menopausal Women Receiving Orthodontic Treatment.


Mohamed Bazina. Accuracy and Reliability of Dolphin 3D Voxel Based Superimposition.

Nicholas Kochenour. Agreement of Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning with and without plaster study models.

Keith Payton. Synthesis and testing of a Novel Fluoride-Releasing Bracket Coating

Prapaporn Shantavasinkul. Surface Strain Distribution on Orthodontic Mini-Implants under Load.

Ioannis Tsolakis. When Static meets Dynamic: Comparing CBCT and Acoustic Reflection for Upper Airway Analysis.


Amir Aminoshariae. The Relationship between the Cranial Base to Dental Compensation in the Transverse Dimension.

Leah Bouserhal. Creation of a 3D average for 13 year old males and females using CBCT data.

Tarek Elshebiny. Evaluation of pharyngeal airway in response to Hypoglossal nerve stimulation and Continuous positive airway pressure.

Ashok Rohra, Jr. Sleep Disordered Breathing in an Orthodontic Care Seeking Population.

Sofia Xofylli. An Evaluation of Clear Aligners for Buccolingual Root Control in Maxillary Posterior Teeth.


Allyson Becker. The Accuracy of Invisalign ClinCheck Prediction Compared to Clinical Results

Ehab BenNasir. Accuracy and reliability of Dolphin 3D voxel based superimposition in growing patients.

Bradley Johnson. A 3-D Airway Comparison Between High and Low Risk Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing Patients.

Jarintorn (Lilly) Kotheeranurak. Evaluation of Tongue Position during Speech Production in Various Anatomic Form of the Hard Palates

Brian Potocki. Parental Knowledge of and Screening for Sleep disordered Breathing in Orthodontic Practice