How do I get a promotion?

In-position promotion: Occasionally employees may be promoted because the position they hold is upgraded. The supervisor may request an in-position promotion without posting the position. The supervisor must submit a job description with a written explanation of the change in duties.

The supervisor must complete a promotion request form and show increased responsibility to warrant a salary grade change. The supervisor must obtain approval from the dean or department head and submit the request to the compensation team for review and concurrence. The effective date will be the first of the month following the approval date.

Upon position transfer: An employee who is selected as an internal candidate for a posted position that is a higher salary grade than the employee’s current position is under consideration for a salary increase. The hiring manager in consultation with the employment recruiter must verify that the employee’s salary is within the range and/or must prepare a request for a promotional increase. Salary increase is determined by employee’s skills and experience, review of other salaries, and department budgets.